[Feedback] We Need Major Redesigns on FL4K's Pets

So, full disclosure here, my FL4K gameplay is nearly exclusively devoted to pet based gameplay. I don’t mean a master tree spec only. I use everything I can to increase pet damage short of resetting Mayhem modifiers. Pet FL4K was the build I was most excited for pre-release, and compared to how it was when the game first came it it’s gotten much better. However, there are a number of issues that are preventing pet gameplay from being satisfying or rewarding, and these NEED to be addressed for this play style to be fun. Not strong, not viable, but fun. Because at the moment, optimal pet gameplay is clunky, unresponsive, and immersion breaking and offers no reward for playing well.

I’ll start by outlining the strengths of the current design and what it offers over previous pets. Then I’ll go into the weaknesses of FL4K’s pets, then list some some suggestions that will address those issues.


This may not necessarily be considered a strength by some people, but Fl4k’s pets have far more personality than any pet in the franchise, which is a major plus for me because I like having another player on the field, and having pets with fun personalities makes it more enjoyable to be around them for hours on end. The puppy-like behavior of the skag, the kind of cringey suaveness of the Jabber, and the eccentricity of the spiderant are all just adorable, and I love having them around me all the time.

  1. FL4K’s pets have great utility. One of their best traits is how useful they are in battle outside of providing damage or distraction. The buffs they provide are very useful for the most part, and being able to share damage with them, be revived by them, and gain power from their attacks makes them a solid addition to FL4K’s kit.

  2. FL4K’s pets are well integrated into their kit. Especially after the November 21st patch, FL4K has many synergies with their pet between the hunter kill skills, and the max health requirements of the stalker tree capstone. Both paths provide an engaging skill dynamic of balancing as many of the bonuses as possible.


So it’s fair to say that FL4K’s pets are useful. They provide buffs, they heal you, and they’re cute. But are they fun? This is where FL4K’s pack starts to fall apart. They are fun to have around, to pet them and watch their antics, but as a battle buddy they are less fun than a sack of potatos. Here’s why:

  1. Their utility is great, but not as great as other pets in the franchise. For example, the Doppelgangers Clones were tremendous aggro draws. Even when standing right beside them, enemies would often prioritize them over the player. On the other hand, without a Red Fang class mod, a Gamma Burst pet does not provide nearly the same amount of aggro relief.
    The pets also can’t provide any sort of debuff. In previous installments, players could equip pets with gear or abilities that debuffed enemies and increased efficacy for an entire team. DT could Slag with Make It Sparkle or an Antagonist, Wolf had Laser Guided, Jack could equip his clones with cryo nova shields, and Bloodwing could Daze and spread corrosion to entire mobs. Fl4k’s ets cannot equip gear, and there are no debuffs they can inflict. Unless the Red Fang COM is in effect, FL4k’s pets provide nothing to team play.

  2. The pets aren’t idiot proof. This has more to do with their AI than anything, but they have nothing to mitigate their own stupidity. They have slow movement speed and slow attack speed. They can’t fly, they can’t go through walls, and they don’t have homing attacks. They need to chase down each individual enemy, attack it until it dies, then run to the next one as quickly and efficiently as possible and do it all over again. Moreso than any other pet in the franchise, FL4K’s pets do this slowly and clumsily.

  3. Attack commands are extremely unresponsive. This is why most people hardly if ever use them. To successfully land an attack command, a player has to put their crosshairs on an enemy, hold down the LB button for 3 or 4 seconds, then wait for the pet to run over, complete 2 or 3 other attacks, then do the command. This is one of the largest roadblocks to effective pet builds, since it wastes so much time proccing anointments that are dependent on landing them.
    This is doubly bad since pet damage is locked behind attack commands. Normal pet attacks have 4 multipliers (Deadeye, GammaBurst, Go For the Eyes, terror anointment) while attack commands gain a fourth with Sic Em’. Attack commands also do much higher base damage than normal attacks. Considering that Go For the Eyes only works on melee, making it completely ineffectual for 2/3 of the Jabbers, Sic Em’ is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to boost pet damage overall.

  4. Fl4k’s pets have no interactivity with the player. We can’t debuff enemies for them unless we have Mayhem 4 gear or It’s Piss. We can’t CC for them because the pet’s enemy tracking and movement speed are slow and moving enemies will decrease DPS. We have no control over their positioning and no control over which attacks they use or what they attack. We have no way of interacting with them at all for the most part. It makes pet game play boring since you can’t really help your buddy do anything. You just leave it to do it’s thing while you do yours.


1. Rework attack commands
Attack commands are one of the few vectors of interactivity FL4K has with their pets currently. It allows you to mark a specific target for attack. The problem is that it is incredibly slow to activate, so slow that it can take 5 or 6 seconds holding down the button on the same enemy if they move a lot to activate it. And the pet doesn’t perform the action right away either. It seems to have a delay of about 2 or 3 attacks before it does the command. Considering that there are several anointments tied to the successful landing of an attack command, one of which is the 2nd most powerful multiplier for their damage, the abysmal activation time of these skills are a serious concern. To make the attack commands more responsive, and thus increase Fl4k’s interactivity with the pets, the following changes should be made:

  • Decrease the amount of time the the LB button (or PC equivalent) needs to be held to initiate the attack command. I’m sure most players would rather err on the side of activating the command too soon than not being able to activate it at all.
  • Make the pet perform the action immediately. Even if it’s in the middle of another attack, make it stop and perform the command right away. It is imperative that the activation and execution be as quick as possible for anointment proccing.
  • Teleport the pet to the command target. Waiting for the pet to run over and attack the target takes too much time. Teleporting the pet will prevent it from lingering and attacking other foes, prevent it from getting stuck on obstacles, and add an element of interactivity by strategically relocating the pet on the battlefield.
  • Drastically increase the pet’s aggressiveness towards the command target. As of now, even if another target is marked, the pet will continue to attack other enemies. It needs to prioritize the enemy WE tell it to attack above all others.

2. Cryo damage should buff pet melee attacks
I don’t know if this is an oversight or a bug, but pet damage currently isn’t increased by Cryo damage. Considering that pet damage is primarily melee, it should receive this bonus. Allowing this would increase the interactivity between players and pets, giving us a debuff we can weave into combat, and let us scale pet damage for higher difficulties. If pets can’t receive melee damage bonuses (since that would put Jabbers at a severe disadvantage) add another property to cryo that increases the damage of summoned allies like Iron Bear, the pets, sentinel and/or digi-clone.

3. Implement Dynamic Scaling based on difficulty level for flat damage abilities
Borderlands 3 has a lot of flat damage abilities, of which summoned allies comprise a fair number. Still, even skills such as phaseslam and phasecast fall into this category. In Borderlands 2 and TPS, there were skills that were scaled for specific difficulties. Krieg’s Light the Fused did 6X damage as soon as you went to UVHM, and Wilhelm’s Laser Guided Skill increased from a 25% damage bonus to 87.5% upon entering UVHM. Scaling flat damage abilities in this way would make it so that builds based around these abilities would always be comparatively the same regardless of the difficulty. Large health spikes, such as those between Mayhem 3 and 4, wouldn’t invalidate builds that rely on these abilities for damage. It also future proofs those builds against further danger in the future when new difficulties could severely weaken them in the same way the pet buffs have been largely undermined with the introduction of Mayhem 4.

4. Go For the Eyes and Dominance need reworks
There is currently no reason to use either of these skills, though for different reasons.

Dominance is extremely disjointed from FL4K’s kit, requiring melee attacks (or a facepuncher) to mind control a single enemy. Besides putting another target on the field, this skill provides FL4K with nothing. Putting aside that enemy units under FL4K’S control may not attack, or won’t necessarily take enemy fire, FL4k already has a permanent companion to do what dominance does, and it doesn’t require melee. Honestly, melee builds for FL4K become severely gimped by taking Dominance. As it currently stands it offers too little for the capstone of the tree.

Go For the Eyes is an extremely weak conditional buff. For 1 melee attack, you can do not even double damage. For attack commands that do a hefty amount of damage this may be a good skill, but considering the problems outlined before, we can’t actually make attack command spamming a viable play style right now, leaving this as a one time buff for basic melee attacks.

Both of these skills could fill valuable niches in pet game play with some additional effects.
For example, Go For the Eyes seems to be intended as a buff to attack commands. Instead of doing 75% extra damage on the first hit, I would change it to give extra effects to all of the attack commands. i.e.

  • Spiderant Centurion- charge attack will knock up enemies
  • Spiderant Scorcher- charge attack will leave a pool of lava at the feet of the damaged enemy
  • Spiderant Countess- Enemies damaged by the explosion will be pulled toward the countess
  • Guard Skag- Enemies damaged by corrosive bile will have reduced movement speed and damage for a short time
  • Great Horned Skag- Enemies knocked up by the skag will emit a shockwave upon hitting the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemies
  • Eridian Skag- Skag gains bonus movement and attack speed based on the amount of enemies it pulls in
  • Jabber- Throws 2 radiation barrels
  • Beefcake Jabber- The Jabber swings a larger bat, increasing the AoE
  • Gunslinger Jabber- Fires 1 massive rocket pod that leaves a pool of radiation damage

As for Dominance, I feel that Dominance would tie in much better with FL4K’s kit if it was activated via Attack command rather than melee. As was stated earlier, melee builds don’t even go down far enough in the Master tree to reach Dominance, so tying it to melee and needing to risk your character’s safety for something your pet provides is kind of pointless.

Dominance also needs an extra effect make it worthwhile. For example, “while Dominance is activate, FL4k and their pet gain increased attack speed and health regen”. Something to make mind controlling targets a thing we actively want to do rather than it being something we do only because we really feel like it.

I feel like these changes would make FL4K’s pets far more fun and interesting. They would still retain their current utility, but would gain even more through CC abilities. We would be able to manipulate their movement around the battlefield and exert actual control over the pets as the Beastmaster title implies. We would also have new strategic uses for attack commands, and have a simpler time activating command related anointments.

If you agree with these changes, please like this post and share more ideas below! Fl4k’s pets need so many changes (aside from bugs and skill fixes) to be made fun. I’m sure those us who came to the Beastmaster for pets were expecting a class who could wreak havoc on the battlefield with a wild partner, not a sniper with a sentient stat stick attached. Let us have this Gearbox. Let these little critter do some work!


I just wanna address Dominance. It should be noted that it’s not a skill for melee builds. It’s in the Pet Tree. It’s about getting an enemy off of you when you’re trying to get at other enemies. What it needs is to remove that “this enemy can’t be controlled again” part, because if I hit an enemy, it’s controlled, then I hit another enemy. It switches, and now the original one can get me again.

But it also needs a buff to pet damage. When you have an enemy controlled, maybe the pet gets a bonus 50 percent damage? Something to make you constantly want enemies controlled.

Also. A better buff for Go For The Eyes would be to make first hit always a crit, with a percentage chance for another crit any other time, which is boosted for Attack Commands.


I understand that to an extent, but we already have a pet for that. Prior to Mayhem 4 when enemies could still damage each other a bit I saw more purpose for Dominance, but now with Mayhem 4 its too risky to go in for a melee hit just for Dominance since a lot of the enemies don’t react well to mind control.

I wouldn’t mind actually having crit chance on the pets. I would like for the attack commands to have additional effects somehow though, since only 3 or 4 attack commands are really worth using at the moment. You can look at how GB made the skills work (anointments activating on attack command, Sic Em’ being multiplicative, Deadeye effect combined with GFtE) and see that they more than likely intended for attack commands to do the big boy damage. If they’re supposed to be such a big part of the pet play experience, than they could at least be more interesting.

Go For the Eyes is a dead skill right now, so if it can be replaced with something more interesting I wouldn’t mind.


I agree with a lot of the points raised in this post, but I will touch on one that I think got missed. The pet’s survival. Right now, I feel the pets have awful survival in TVHM M4. It’s definitely better than it was at launch, but unless you’re running a gamma burst build, I feel the pets go down constantly. An idea I had that could potentially address the pet’s survival would be maybe adding a skill like Gaige’s Sharing is Caring, and allow the pets to share Fl4k’s shield mod. This would help the pets survive DOTs, which seem to be what downs them the most, but they could also gain shield bonuses. Bonuses that the pets could really benefit from like more movement speed, melee damage, or damage reduction.


That would be the easiest way to solve the survival and debuff issue. However, considering the digi-clone already receives your shield, and the pets share Fl4k’s health regen, I doubt they would give us that ability.

That could be addressed with the attack command and Dominance though. Just using the example I proposed in the OP, if Dominance gave life transfer (you gain a % of the enemy’s health for every second Dominance is active) and you combined it with the lifesteal anointment, then you could solve the survival issue pretty easily. We would just need attack commands to be more responsive.


Attack commands need a ton of reprogramming. The base Jabber has the beat attack command of the 3 but no second stat benefit making him obsolete by designe.

The Spiderant Countess has a HUGE hit box and at base no extra HP or survivability against other pets. Even with more HP regen then any other pet via all my bffs and it self sharing it’s own health regen it still dies after mear minutes in combat. It is a bullet magnet with not comparable damage to help it kill things fast enough to survive.

The Gunslinger Jabber is one of the best pets by far just because he actually looks to dodge enemies and he attacks at range. Both put his survivability far past anything any of the other pets have.

The Skags are passable just because if your in the Master Tree you have Gamma Burst and they can’t die while the skill is active. On there own they are stat sticks for raw base damage.

Health and damage resistance needs to be determined by the pets main methods of attack and there size. If a pet is large and bulky like the Spiderant Countess or the Horned Skag and they attack in melee range whenever possible you need to give them Health and Damage resistance to enable then enough time to outlast there opponent when built tanky. If build with damage they should he strong enough to kill a couple enemies without a need for a break to regen HP.

I would also like it if the Pets did there Attack commands when appropriate without the need for input. Even then half the attack commands are just not great. They miss, they leave your pet vulnerable, some times there “knock backs” or pulls don’t do much or anything at all leaving them even more vulnerable. Gamma Burst Tank works if you have the duration and CDR to support it this required you to all in on any duration increases and working Cooldown reduction. The only way my buddies Red Fang build works is because of a 5 point Eager to Impress Red Fang mixed with Topped off from Guardian perks.


Totally agree, Jabber have the best attack commands and damage dealing capabilities in general. They lack in the utility department though. It kind of balances out if pet damage is worth a darn, but right now with Attack commands being so slow they can’t shine.

Absolutely agree. Granted, only two pets aren’t up close melee fighters (base and gunslinger Jabber) but it would be nice if the up close fighters had a bit more beef.

The only reason I don’t like this is because you have no other method of controlling your pet. Scorcher actually uses her charge as a movement skill sometimes, so it goes on cooldown fairly often on large maps. It would make it a tremendous pain to proc anointments if the pet just used commands whenever they wanted.

Absolutely agree, hence why I want to add the option to modify them with additional effects.


Definitely think these are overall nice suggestions.

My personal thoughts are that the major design issues with Fl4k and their pet is the implementation of how they interact. They function as two separate beings without very much synergy, though the changes that are supposed to add more pet damage to the various skills are a good step forward, I think it needs to be further expanded so that every skill that provides some benefit to Fl4k or the pet, will always have a defensive or offensive boost to the other as well.

In my mind, Fl4k and their pet ought to ultimately function like a single being in two bodies, it shouldn’t be such a micromanaging hassle to deal with, and keep the pet alive or on target. it should be an extension of the master.

Personally, I think that red fang, and friendbot class mods have effects that are way too useful to be constrained to individual class mods, that they should either be merged or added as part of the skill trees. Additionally, the DE4DEYE, Cosmic Stalker, and Rakk commander mods feel extremely underwhelming and I don’t really know many if any people who genuinely use these. Another issue is most Fl4k specific anointments are generally pretty bad as well.

And the pets definitely need to either be smarter, or be allowed to “cheat” a little by being immune to attacks and splash damage that do not directly target the pet in order to avoid the pitfalls of the dumb ai getting instantly killed by more player avoidable mechanics, like with Agonizer’s spinning blade, Wotan’s instakill shield, or Scraptrap’s multi hit attack, all of which are completely guaranteed to kill the pet repeatedly because they are too dumb to avoid those kinds of attacks.

Honestly, if the pet is going to be dying as often as a player does or more so, it needs to be able to contribute the kind of reliability and damage comparable to a player to be worth reviving outside the inconvenience of losing many buffs since reviving allies in high difficulty content can and often will result in the rescuer going down for the effort. But then, reviving allies in general could be made less clunky.


A lot of good points! Firstly,

Exactly! Aside from just existing, there isn’t anything FL4K can make their pet do to help them. The pet just does stuff and it may just happen to benefit you. Sure, you can keep your health high for the Power Inside and Fast and Furryous, or just kill enemies so the pet gets kill skills, but there isn’t anything FL4K can command the pet to do that would reciprocate.

I would love if Red Fang was made a part of the base skill, or at least went with Dominance. Now that Zane has a COM that gives him a skill for free, I don’t see why GB can’t do the reverse for us :wink:.

Stalker is actually FL4K’s most powerful COM for gun builds, and up there as well for pet builds. Now that almost every Hunt Skill has a pet component, buffing all of them by 85% is like adding 4 skill points to all of them. It’s massive.
Deadeye is more niche, but that multiplier it has is extremely valuable. It comes after everything else in the formula, giving it a tremendous im;act on your damage if you meet the conditions. If attack commands weren’t so clunky, it would work beautifully for spamming those.

Agreed. If we can’t command them to stay in a specific spot, then it’s unfair to basically sentence them to death every time a boss does an AoE attack.



Honestly I do not know how they could make the pet’s damage capabilities better without going back to the drawing board in a big way. It’s too bad because I think FL4K is a great character and has a lot of interesting stuff in their skill trees, but TPS still has the best summoners as summoners. They built the core gameplay loop for Wilhelm and Timothy very well and TPS cryo added depth because you could debuff for your summons

to be fair GB just threw on more pet damage but I am not sure how thoughtful it was, if we had more ways to multiply pet damage that could go a long way. Like cryo multipler would be awesome, you could make either atomic aroma or the gamma burst anoint add a percent of damage as radiation for your pet, or having RNG crits for the pet through Go for the Eyes

But even if they nailed the damage output of pets, it won’t make up for bad AI or the general clunkiness of pet commands. as long as it slows you down to use your pet for damage , I don’t see it becoming a popular playstyle

I am also not sure what to do about Dominance. It is just a flawed concept imo, enemies in BL games are not smart, they don’t match elements, and in many case their moves are not even designed to be efficient at dealing damage. I can take over an anointed Tink but it will just shrink and teleport and be annoying with a green name instead of a red one. Aggro draw is a selling point but FL4K already the best aggro draw in the game through pet taunt. And like, what could you make this capstone that would create genuine competition with megavore? Megavore is one of the most powerful capstones in the game. And it’s not like the power inside is a slouch either.

I am also bummed out by how many day 1 bugs we still have, and I am sure there are some afflicting the pets I am not even aware of because I do not try to build for it. I think the pet damage on friend-bot still does nothing for example, but I have only seen that one mentioned in demonite’s old video on pet damage


So much this. I don’t know if I’m just being foolish by wanting to recapture that magic in this game, but they had pets done so well in TPS that I don’t understand how they slipped up so bad with FL4K. Even Zane can designate target for Sentinel, why the heck can’t the beastmaster?

This is a big one. The biggest multipliers we have are for attack commands, elements (gammaburst and terror anointment, both additive w/ each other), Deadeye, and Mayhem modifiers. The last one actually does the most for you, since before the buffs it would basically more than double your damage. Most of the multipliers for the pets are either incredibly annoying to use or super conditional.

At least if they were made to be quicker in execution and have more interesting effects, we would have reason to use them more often. As it is, barely anybody uses them even to activate 15% life steal! Think about how much people must hate using this feature of the class that they’d turn down what should be an easy to activate Rubi.

FL4K has 2 great capstones and one incredibly niche and kind of pointless one. I don’t get why having two good capstones would mean we can’t have a 3rd. I mean, Zero had death blossom, CA, AND MMF.

If we just had some additional effect of Dominance, it would at least make it a worthwhile skill to cast. Even if it just transferred all aggro to the dominated target so we could have hidden machine active more often. It could be made useful with minimal changes if need be, but it needs changes.

That is indeed a shame. Friendbot damage does nothing, Furious Attack does nothing, Jabbers are messed up with barbaric yawp, and attack command cooldowns get really weird in Gammaburst. There’s a few more, but it is irritating since this play style is already pretty clunky and unrewarding, so having additional roadblocks really makes the whole thing a drag.


I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. I’m sort of the opposite of a pet class player and main FL4K for other reasons and tend to use my pets as more utility instead of a main damage source… but yeah. When I started playing I was all excited about trying out attack commands but I’ve noticed lately I barely even bother because it’s so slow and clunky and that makes me kind of sad. I would LOVE it if there was a way to give pets equipment or change up their element (I would totally give a cryo gun to my Jabber), I’d use attack commands way more if they could debuff enemies, and it’s also really weird that cryo doesn’t buff pet melee attacks.

Dominance is definitely an anti-melee skill though, I kinda feel like it’s a skill to overwrite melee and make melee do a utility thing on non-melee FL4K builds that otherwise wouldn’t be using melee much at all. I’d never want to take that skill on melee FL4K. I have such mixed feelings about Dominance. I tried it for a while on my Gamma Burst FL4K and it was entertaining at first but I like melee too much and it got annoying after a while when I kept stabbing enemies (even when I’m not playing melee FL4K I tend to stab things a lot…) and they’d get mind controlled instead of stabbed. On the other hand, it’s really hard for me to not like Dominance because I play a lot of co-op with @sammantixbb and we’re really easily amused and do things like they’ll posses a Possessed Wraith to make a Possessed Possessed Wraith and then I’ll follow it around and give it a terrible time when it stops being possessed. Is Dominance a good skill though? It… uhh… probably could use some sort of extra effect to make it more useful, like you said. Having the Dominated enemy draw more aggro, do more damage to other enemies or do something like spread radiation somehow, or give a pet buff would be awesome.


I’d like to be able to change the Pet behavior to aggressive, neutral, and defense. I’ve found the pet to be complete trash in m4, constantly going down. Hell the best part of having the pet was the revive it provided, and currently that’s not working well.


I agree, we definitely need more ways to influence their behavior.


I agree with all of it espically dominance. Can we just throw that skill out completely? How bout changing it to when you use the attack command another random pet is summoned with lower hp but it with provide you with its bonuses but boostedfor fl4k and boosts pet damage and attack speed it will remain until it dies.


Dominance is such a bizarrely restrictive capstone. As it works now you sometimes don’t even proc the mind control effect on first hit, and even once you do the enemy just wanders away for a lil bit and comes back with like 1/4th of its health gone.

Was thinking about what made Thoughtlock good in BL2–a Thoughtlocked enemy immediately drew aggro and kept doing so until it died, and you could still damage it. Not sure why neither applies to Dominance, aggro relief through a skill alone would give pet builds more options and being able to kill a passive enemy would give players a reason to risk meleeing dangerous targets.

The restrictions on Dominance also make no sense and undercut its functions. Why does Dominance apply a life drain effect when you can’t damage the target through other means? Why can’t you dominate an enemy more than once when you can re-apply the effect within a few seconds, the duration is short, and only one enemy can be dominated at a time? Recovering from being bitch-slapped into submission doesn’t even make thematic sense :triumph:

If they’re not doing a full rehaul of Dominance I’d like to see the following changes:

  • Dominate needs to proc on first hit. That it doesn’t is probably a bug, but if there’s supposed to be a fail chance there shouldn’t be.
  • Targets draw aggro as long as Dominance is in effect
  • Dominated targets can be damaged/killed by you or your allies
  • Life drain effect changed to a life steal one and honestly should probably throw in another buff–just not a damage one, since Megavore and Power Inside have that covered. Maybe movement speed idk.
  • Duration no longer has a set time and lasts until the target dies or you apply Dominance to a different target.
  • No limit to how many times an enemy can be Dominated, the one target at a time restriction already limits how much you can abuse the skill (lol).

Oooh. I like these suggestions.

If the Dominated enemy could still be damaged and killed, and if there was some sort of lifesteal involved too, Dominance would go from something incredibly bad for my weird melee FL4K to something incredibly good that I would definitely want to use.


That sounds great.

Especially the life steal, we have it on attack command but that is a bad idea for the sae reason any anointment on attack command is bad right now.


Just reading through some of the comments above regarding attack commands and I thought to myself, “huh, I wonder what was the last time I used the attack command function?”

Answer - probably not after I got to level 5 or so. The attack command on its own does not work great, but the bigger problem, as indicated above, is that the pet just fails to do any noticeable damage or even really draw aggro for that matter. Most of the time the damn thing can’t even keep up with where I am on the map!

I don’t really have much more to contribute other than to second almost all of what has been said above. I love Fl4k, but man, the pets really are pretty much useless as far as I am concerned. And this does feel like a big miss coming off of TPS. Jack had so much synergy with his clones - they drew aggro, they did damage themselves, they increased Jack’s damage dramatically. Just an all-round success.


I don’t know if I’m crazy for wanting FL4K’s pets to work as well as TPS pets did. Pet builds were viable end game options for both Tim and Wilhelm. It was the most fun I had in a borderlands game.

I just recorded my 2nd attempt at M4 with my pet build. It has been the most intense exercise in frustration I’ve had in these games. Everything works against your pet actually doing damage at all. If you don’t have the Red Fang or the Friendbot, your pet is just an annoying accessory. I don’t understand how they took so many steps back in pet design. Zane and Moze are far better minion masters than the Beastmaster class.