Feel like fl4k might be the most disrespected VH

I feel like fl4k players are very specific about his concerns every single fl4k player agrees pet damage sucks and needs the biggest buff ever recieved in this game. How long is gearbox gunna just ignore our cries and very valid complaints.

I feel like alot of us have come up with many different ways not o ly to buff pets but yo keep them viable in some way that they dont scale down even with mayhem 2.0. I’m just very afraid gearbox will make sure to do things in a way that probably wont address our concerns kinda like how they do things by making a bandaid fix by putting in a class mod like they did for Zane and the sapper moze class mod lol.
O well I’m complaining in the wind again just want a pet/hunter type build being good as advertised. Guess I should just play a hunter in wow to be satisfied lol


Though I do share the fear that GB won’t go far enough to address our concerns regarding pets, I don’t think it’s for lack of vocalizing concerns on our part. 3 of the top 10 most active threads are about pets, and this thread is the most active on this subforum. Between here and reddit and several youtube videos on the topic there are thousands of comments, suggestions, and complaints about the pets. Being loud isn’t the issue, nor is a lack of constructive criticism since that has been levied in spades as well.

I don’t necessarily think we’ve even been ignored. I just don’t think it’s been a priority for them compared to all of the gear balancing. Where we’ve been stiffed has been on the gear front. Since almost all of our pet COMs have been dealing with issues that reduces their damage by 50% points or more since launch, and we don’t scale with any gear except for splash, we haven’t had any changes to our style of play since launch. Moze got Raging Bear, which got a whole lot better with the recent hotfixes, and Green Monster which turned out to be a great IB COM. Gamma Burst in general hasn’t gotten any new COMs for it, and pets in particular haven’t gotten any love (the issues with Tr4iner have been pretty well explained at this point) since November where all they buffs they got were immediately invalidated by M4 with no way to scale all but 2 of the pets for the content.

We need something new to play with at this point. Struggling to be strong isn’t a bad thing, but struggling to get your foot in the door for several months, and only having 1 way to do it is tiring to say the least.


You’re very right on all fronts. I dont get how it could be so taxing that they have to focus on 1 vault hunter at a time that honestly makes no sense when we’ve honestly did all the work for gear ox they just gotta implement the changes. Hopefully we dont recove a bandaid fix with our new mayhem 2.0 com being the pet one or well should I say another pet one

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I am certainly not saying pets don’t need fixed, but Fl4k (IMHO) is the only VH that can use AND focus on each tree and easily clear all content on M4 without having super skills in the game.

I have a Gamma Burst, a Fade Away, and a Rakk setup for my Fl4k and I have cleared everything in the game using each one and I am certainly not a pro players.

Not sure the other VH’s can claim that.

Keep in mind my Zane is my favorite VH but I only enjoy the Seein Red Mod build and I can’t beat Wotan on M4 on any other build with him.

So while I also wish pets were better, Fl4k is (again IMHO) the most well fleshed out VH off the 4 with the most flexible set ups available.


Agree :100:

I can’t agree more. I too, have setup for all 3 action skills and have been able to beat everything in the game using each of those setup. I consider Fl4k to be the most balanced VH in BL3.

I see way too many posts where people complaining “Fl4k needs to be fixed”. Some of them are legit concern like the pet issues but when you read most of them, you realize they simply lack the knowledge in how to build and play Fl4k.

I just wish they would spend their time researching instead of writing lengthy rant. We have some of the best people testing and posting so much stuff here. Please don’t take their work for granted.

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I used to press Gearbox for pet buffs. I’m now so tired of doing that I’ve stopped playing as him until it happens. My other characters are clicking along at lv.57 with optimised builds. Fl4k is sitting in Sanctuary at lv.53.

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Next week, it has to be next week. Just a little longer… :pray:


Sux to hear that, i quite enjoy fl4k, got all 4vhs 57 geared for ttd m4. Fl4k and amara seem to be the most o.p. of my builds. But eh maybe its the builds or gear. Happy hunting :v:

Now that I think about it, yeah. Fl4k is the only VH where I enjoy shifting around all 3 of their action skills. If you could relocate the gamma rift and replace dominance, fl4k’s skill tree could be more diverse than amara if not already


I think that only a community patch would be able to adequately address the concerns about the pets. Gearbox doesn’t seem capable. They’ve had 6+ months, and. … . . nothing. . .

The community patch did more for BL2 then anything Gearbox did, and I bet it will be done again, but it won’t happen until BL3 has had the last of its patches. maybe 2 years…

I just had a look at the notes for the community patch and my word did they do a lot. It was especially interesting reading the changes to character skills, although sad to think console players will never get any of this. I really hope Gearbox spec Fl4k properly and give him some decent pets… One day.

My build or set up right now for takedown is just pretend the pet doesnt exist, consider no matter what i do the first thing the little ■■■■ does is suicide into wotan, even the range jabber.

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It’s funnyand sad they suicide on wotan lol

I’m not gonna lie, at first I didn’t think the lack of pet changes on Thursday would bug me so much. After all, GB just said they were looking into pets, they never guaranteed we would have changes this week. Fine, my fault for getting ahead of myself. I thought I could wait.

But I find myself increasingly livid that we didn’t get anything this week. If they needed a week for the dust to settle, then why didn’t they just release our buffs on 4/9? Why is that there is a 2 week delay between the end of the IB buffs and our (only possibly) buffs? It just doesn’t make sense to me that they would release a hotfix with no changes for FL4K when they said they were looking into him, especially when there is only 2 weeks left in the month for Mayhem 2.0. I wish I could write this off as paranoia, but I don’t think they have any buffs ready for pets. I can’t help but feel that we’re going to get some untested tacked on buffs that’ll bring pets up for M4, but won’t matter at all past that.

I’m starting to feel extremely afraid that they’re going to do the same thing they did in November when they buffed pets up to M3, but left them completely impotent for M4. After the Tr4iner COM I can’t feel entirely confident that GB has a handle on what the problems we have with pets are. We just want damage and survivability for our pets: not enough for them to room clear like DT did, but enough damage for them to handle enemies on their own and not die if left alone for a second. And we want this to be available to us at the endgame max difficulty, not 3 levels below that. I don’t expect my pet to solo Valkyries, but when I get to the bridge my pet should be able to help me thin out those mobs.

I want so terribly to be proven wrong. I’d love to just stick my foot in my mouth and look like a fool once GB releases the hotfix notes on Thursday. Yet with what we’ve received for pets so far, and all that still needs to be done, I can’t help but feel apprehensive. It’s been 7 months since release, and I don’t think I can wait any longer for the Beastermaster to have an endgame viable pet build.


Heh. Usually I am the cool and patient type, but Thurday’s update bothered me from the get go. I even got negative feedback from the forum for posting my feelings about how FL4K was left out, especially when GBX made it clear there will be no more balance changes at least in the near future.
I hope I am wrong, but my gut feeling is they will be following this. Which means FL4K will remain untouched for a while yet.
I really and truly hope I am wrong in this…

I think they’re going to modify again the pet scaling, and that’s something that I think you can’t do with a hotfix, and also add pet scaling to Mayhem 2.0.
And idk, but I feel that is going to be a huge balance patch, or at least that’s what I’d like to see, I don’t want to set my expectations very high, so the minimum they have to address is pets in general and bug fixes.

Let’s wait and see, hopefully our pets receive the Lob/Krakatoa treatment :joy:

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With not even a grognozzle to use or working transfusion, i am scared of how fl4k is gonna deal with millions of damage coming at all directions in mayhem 10.

And rest assured, the ridiculous enemy scaling is all but garenteed at this point.

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My fear is they wint scale the pets up enough. It’s easier to overscale then and then maybe nerf or adjust but to under scale means your just gunna write it off like last time lol. I think if u fully spec into as much pet damage as possible you should be able to room clear with pets. Think it’s only fair if your going that hard in blue tree and such and grabbing every pet dmg skill u can