Feel like fl4k might be the most disrespected VH

I share the same sentiments. Its good to keep expectations low at least you won’t feel it as hard as if you had high expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are back to square 1 with the Moze changes when 2.0 comes out as well. I also think they might add anoiments to keep the pets afloat or maybe a new com available only on the hardest 2.0 difficulty to act as a bandaid for pets for 2.0.

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I forgot. They def did say new annointments for mayhem 2.0 so maybe fl4k and moze will finally get iron bear/pet annointnents

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Here’s to hoping.

Its sad when you consider, that Fl4k is presented as the Beastmaster. Yeah, but his “beasts” are less dangerous than a fly.

if only we were able to own superbadass variants of those beasts with a functional blue cap stone ¬¬

So Mayhem 2.0 is coming this week.

Nothing for pets last week, and a difficulty being released before or on the same day we get buffs: is anyone else getting M4 vibes all over again? I’m feeling like this isn’t going to end well.

Why did the dust need to settle before pets got buffed again?

There has to be a balance patch there, plus scaling for damage that increases with levels (Action skill, pets, melee) because enemies have more health at higher levels. It would be very dumb if they don’t add scaling for that when they’re adding a scaling to guns.

Scaling based off of what? We still need much higher damage for the increased enemy health.

We didn’t get any increases to our skills while Iron Bear did. Unless they plan on Hotfixing our buffs in on Thursday, which was the same thing they did for M4, our current damage will not be enough.

We still have a skill that only gives 75% bonus damage once per enemy, while Iron Bear got a straight up 100% buff to Specialist Bear. I’m not complaining that IB got buffed and we didn’t, but it is worrisome that they set aside a week for the IB changes to settle in, but apparently thought nothing of time for our nonexistent buffs to set in.

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HAHAHAHA LMFAO THEY HATE FL4KS PETS they never listen to us I’m done F gearbox devs at this point

Stop complaining, Aaron. They made Fade Away near-chainable and they fixed the Stackbot classmod, as well as other skill fixes. Might not be all that you wanted, but after significantly fixing Zane, and now providing Moze with amazing skill buffs, I’m sure they will get to Fl4k on the same degree. It’s just a game, please don’t be ungrateful. Instead, thank them for putting out quality patches and events; especially during this coronavirus ■■■■.


And that has to do with pets how? 6 months of being the buggiest mess in the franchise, months of constructive feedback, and we’re just supposed to shut up and keep waiting?

I’m glad you’re having fun with the Stackbot, but pets were bugged to hell 3 months before that COM even existed. So them fixing that and leaving pets untouched for another month (Lick the Wounds is a bug fix to a skill that was supposed to be working November, hardly what I’d call a buff) is pretty much a nothing patch for those of us who have been waiting since release to play an actual Beastmaster, that class FL4K is supposed to be.


Has nothing to do with the main discussion of this thread which is pet balancing. Also Gearbox is LOOKING for feed back, even one of the devs said that in this latest patch in the comments. Telling people to just shut up won’t accomplish ANYTHING for the health of this game.

Pets need work, for sure. Fl4k is not broken, but pets are effectively broken.

Hey Boombumr, have you tested the new change to Fl4k’s headcount skill? I’ve noticed that it is not giving me ANY cooldown while in Fadeaway. The patch said that it would now. I hope it’s just my game and not anyone else.

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Haven’t yet. Will soon.

I can confirm it’s in my game 2 no infinite loop fade away

Well damn…

I have a feeling they meant they were only fixing the visual bug and was not intending us to be able to infinitely loop it. I hope I’m wrong.
Edit: Now that I look back at the patch notes I’m pretty sure they meant for it to trigger so it’s a bug.

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I’m hoping with you, but there’s always a chance that the person who made the change didn’t communicate it well to the person writing the notes. Even though it would be cool, quite frankly I don’t think Gearbox would suddenly allow a theoretical perma fade away after all they did to nerf this skill.

Man I am so happy they tested this patch before they released it to the public… Headcount doesn’t even function. It’s completely broken.