Feeling a little excluded just because of my weapon preference

Edit:for a better perspective(and better readability read-ability? words…) on why this is bugging me so much.my brother has not played anything beyond BL1(which we both played through, He was all normal and elemental SMGs. I was of course normal and elemental revolvers) some of 2 and none of the others even though he (even when I told him to just play without me because I could not get into it). Fast forward to now and he wants to once again give up playing BL3(including playing with friends) just so we can wait however long it takes for me to have the same choice he got from the start of the game whether it be dlc or just the next BL game, Just because my weapon choice has no elemental variants other than 1 single purple and 2 end game guns and he wants me to have the same elemental choices he had for any SMG just so I’m not feeling left out. I don’t want my brother to miss out on yet another game just because of me feeling left out but at the same time I can’t help feeling left out.


Jakobs revolvers have always been non elemental except for a few uniques up to this point. You’re better off using any other pistol until you get time to farm on your own. They may have more uniques in the future with and element but as for not uniques the have always been non elemental or kinetic type


Revolvers are meant to be very powerful. If they had elements on them they would have to have their dmg severely reduced which goes against the design concept.

There are dozens of different weapons/element combos in this game. There’s no way they could please absolutely everyone with their design choices but they’ve done a pretty darn good job on that front. I think you’re the only person online I’ve seen that’s not happy with this particular aspect of the game.

There are plenty of other things to be frustrated about in BL3 but this is not one I expected to see.


Except lets not forget all those maliwan revolvers we used to have which got taken away after BL1


Then they have to do the same for snipers they are high damage so they qualify for that same treatment

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I mean if they didnt come back for borderlands 2 the likelihood of coming to 3 is even less

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So i have to sit around and be excluded from something everyone else gets because of my preference then huh gee feels real damn good

I get your point , I’m a pistol user too and i found that Vladof elemental pistols can be really good and deadly, I always have one in my loadout. I love my Jakobs pistols but if i want elemental pistols i try to get a Vladof one.

I think you’re being overly specific in you weapon preferences. I just do my first play through with whatever I find that’s somewhat useful, and then focus on farming what I’d like to get. The Companion isn’t really good imo, but Jakobs does have 2 very good elemental revolver, the Queen’s and King’s Call (their drop source is a story spoiler, btw).

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I mean were lucky that we get any jakobs weapons with elements at all unlike borderlands 2. The ones that bl2 did have an element we bad anyways.

I kind of sympathize with OP - revolvers were wonderful in BL1, perhaps even overpowered, not so much in BL2 IMHO.

Not really I just want the same damned right everyone else who wants to play through the goddamned game with any or just one weapon type gets how godamned hard is that.

there are torque revolvers with elemental effect. just on the rare side.

so far i don’t really use pistols in BL3 since their burst and dps damage suck.

combined with natural low accuracy. or in games terms lots of spread.
so far, from my experience to level 38, assault rifles are my primary choice. my favorite so far is the hyperion q-system. good accuracy and handling. low recoil.

in BL2 it was SMG and BL1 it was shotguns.

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Im not sure what you mean?? You have the same right to use every weapon just like everyone else.

Do I get upset that McDonald’s doesn’t carry whoppers? No I accept the fact that I can only get McDonald’s products at McDonald’s.

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Maliwan still makes elemental revolvers in 2, hell they have a legendary one, the thunder bolt fist (I think). Torge also had explosive revolver including the Harold.

read the post buddy

revolver as in cylinder,chamber,hammer,bullets.not semi auto energy pistols Idon’t mean to sound rude but revolvers are what im after pure and simple.

Somewhat off topic, but isn’t Q system (Cost-effective prefix?) made by Atlas? I like them a lot as well - somehow, even though accuracy on the card says it is only 60-70%, I am able to land many consecutive shots in a row from a distance WITHOUT tagging the target. I guess low recoil helps a lot here or it’s bugged in a good way for a change. :slight_smile:

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Not sure what’s hard to understand. You said you wanted the same “right” to use any or one specific type of weapon. That right currently exists lmao. Only your inability to use these guns is preventing you.


I’m not sure I understand. What is preventing you from using elemental revolvers as your playstyle? 2 of Fl4ks skill trees have a bunch of gun damage modifiers and critical modifiers and even the third which primarily focuses on animals includes a buff to gun damage in the first tier.

I’m not really seeing the issue? Yes I did read through your post.