Feeling a little excluded just because of my weapon preference

So you’re hoping Gearbox will add elemental revolvers to the game soon or you just won’t finish it? I’d say those chances are very low.

Like others are saying, why can’t you be a bit more willing to use other weapon types?

I can see your point if there are only 3 elemental revolvers in the entire weapon pool, but there are sooooo many others available to you. I have to go back in the game now to see how many Jakobs revolvers I have in my inventory. You got me interested in using them now!


I have used other weapons just can’t get into them it was the same in BL1 I used nothing but 1 normal and 3 elemental revolvers. im just a revolver guy when it comes to borderlands i loved being the space cowboy in 1 and shooting flaming bullets from my revolver and now all I feel like is some usless peice of ■■■■ holding his brother back because he can’t force himself to be ok with not having that same freedom from the start here and his brother is willing to give up playing just so im not feeling left out.

I think you’re a little too specific on how you find enjoyment out of the borderlands series. If you can’t like the game without an elemental revolver, then that’s on you; Gearbox has no obligation to cater to you when you’re looking for one very specific type of gun. There are tons out there! Just branch out man.

If you’re looking for revolvers, then Torgue pistols work very well and there are elemental variations of them. If you want Jakob’s revolvers, then sorry but Jakob’s doesn’t do elements. It’s just how it is.

If you go to an ice cream store and they don’t have your very specific flavor, like pear or something, would you complain to the ice cream store about how you feel “left out” that your favorite flavor isn’t there? No, that sounds silly and childish. They cater to a lot of people but they can’t have every small thing that everyone wants. I’m not hating on you, but branch out. Otherwise, you’re always going to have this bitter childish attitude.

Branch out, or go with Torgue elementals. Or pick a different game. This is ridiculous


Becauae the Jakobs corporation thematically produces older styled weapons. Revolvers were a common pistol type before semi-automatic guns were invented. To further their old-style theme, they also produce non-elemental weapons rather the more technologically advanced elemental guns. They also make pump action and double barrelled shotguns, and bolt action rifles, where other manufacturers make magazine fed semi and fully automatic weapons. I think Jakobs as a whole is a better manufacturer and more closely fits their theme in BL3, with the addition of pump action shotguns.

So, there’s your answer, bar the last sentence which is a personal observation. In a game with six weapon types (counting revolvers as pistols here), four equippable weapon slots, and over a billion possible weapon combinations, you are not being excluded by choosing to exclusively use one very specific weapon type, you are excluding yourself from using a billion other guns.


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I would still play with your brother and just for once branch out and try different weapons, I know you can do it. I’m having a ton of fun with BL3. I logged on and found I do have the Dueling Marshal Masher, level 20 version, cool weapon.

thank you, sorry for making you censor again but well…yeah

my response would be thay this matter is perferct for relics and guardian ranks, leave the jakobs as they are now

Those are an awesome addition tbh, lots of powerful stuff there.

thank you now if others can just continue with the actual discussion and not have more people insult me as mentally ill because i feel like ■■■■ because my brother has stopped playing all because he doesn’t like me feeling excluded that would be just fantastic.

sorry to say but I can only see those things as mini-rocket launchers, my opinion.

Sorry if this was addressed here but I didn’t see it.

Revolvers were a separate gun category from repeater pistols in bl1. This is no longer the case in bl2, tps, and bl3. It’s just pistols.

This is why there were multiple revolver brands in bl1.

Most the manufacturers are making modern or futuristic guns, but jakobs is the only old fashioned brand so the only revolvers.

Also to the OP, you are not alone, I can’t use Jakobs launchers or SMGs, or Vladof shotguns, etc… Not everyone makes everything.

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LOL Sorry just pictured a Jakob’s launcher just basically launching a huge non-elemental shotgun shell…

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flys out hits something bursts open and rains mini shotty blasts I could see it.

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The 12 pounder in bl2 was close to what a jakobs launcher could be

nah, its just a box of dynamite

Wouldn’t that be Torgue? They are explosive, Jakobs is just…well hard hitting bullets.

nah torgue is a box of dynamite attached to a nuke

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