Feeling a little excluded just because of my weapon preference

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My preferred weapon is a sneakily placed propane tank and a thrown hammer wielded by @Piemanlee or @Tokesy97. Why are these not in game? I feel so unseen Gearbox. :slightly_frowning_face:


I can understand the sentiment to an extent. Everyone had their favorites in old games. Heck certain Hyperion pistols in BL2 were some of my favorites in the game. And Hyperion pistols don’t exist at all in BL3.

That said, it hasn’t kept me from enjoying the game. There are TONs of awesome guns and gun types in BL3. What’s more, the majority of them seem like they can actually be viable. Some more than others still but I haven’t really come across anything yet that is completely unusable.

I’m just not sure why exactly you feel that the game can’t be enjoyable without one very specific weapon type available (despite there actually being some of them available. Though limited). Especially to the point where you feel you can’t even enjoy playing the game.

Just seems very odd to me. I miss zer0 desperately. I put untold hours into playing him and he isn’t available to play at all in BL3. That isn’t keeping me from trying the new vault hunters and enjoying the game. There is no mordecai to play as in this game, yet that doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker for you. Why is one very specific weapon type such a hang up?

There are a lot of specific guns I miss from pervious games. But there are a ton of great new things to try too. Branch out a little bit. To be on the verge of quitting due to one very specific desire being temporarily unfulfilled is a little bit ridiculous IMO

I think you’re gonna have a hard time finding EXACTLY what you want.

Keep in mind maliwan weapons of the same type can have vastly different firing modes. In particular there are some Maliwan pistols which fire very powerful single shots as opposed to the more fast firing variety. That powerful single shot might be a bit more your style even if the aesthetic is off.

@kululuplays did you happen to be on Eden-6? There seems to be way more Jacobs armaments (of the finest hand crafted quality ) which you would expect as this is where they are designed and built. It may be my imagination though.
Remember, you can have all the accuracy in the world but it won’t do you any good unless you have the power to down your targets.
I’ll take one gattlin’ rifle and that antique revolver you have on the top shelf. Good man. #Spacecoyboy

Lol I reckon a Jacobs launcher would be similar to a catapult and just launch a giant bolder or similar at your enemy.

Jacobs have been my go to weapons throughout this whole playthrough. Normally I’d find something that looks decent, but doesn’t end up performing as well as the Jacobs I was using.

Yes you need to get crits, but they’re insanely strong when you do. My revolver is often one shotting maliwan heavies with a crit to their power core and the gun is mid 30s against lvl 40+ enemies.

Edit: oh and by the way the revolver is non-elemental.

What did I walk into…Should have just kept this door shut

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In BL3, Vladof have sniper rifles with a secondary fire that is a Shotgun.

You CAN use Vladof shotguns.

I have a level 13 Torque Masher in my inventory right now.

It is Blue Rarity, Corrosive element, 37x5 damage, and fires five 37 damage projectiles as a single grenade like projectile that sticks to the target and explodes a short while after.

It’s a non-traditional Masher, but it’s a Torque Masher nonetheless.

EDIT: @sehenry10 tagging you since you also mentioned having not seen an Elemental Masher in BL3 yet.

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Wow, dude I can get you are upset that elemental revolvers are not part of the games core loot pool, but what do you think this thread is going to achieve?

Accept that the Dev teams made choices over what weapon types to design parts for and try enjoy the game using alternatives until you get to endgame whet you can farm the select items included in the game that seem to match your preference, or simply play something else.

I’d love to have seen Maliwan heavy weapons so you could have awesome charged railguns or things like the BFG from doom, but I’m not gonna sit here and ignore the entire rest of the game which happens to be awesome.

Maybe in future DLC you will get your wish.


I have one of those! I got a LVL 50 Blue Rarity Torgue revolver that shots all 5 rounds at once. I’m probably gonna pass it along to my Moze, once I do my playthrough with her.

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Now I’m hungry!!!


And it’s a fine weapon, I have the level 23 version of it.

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I will say that the trick revolver is probably my favoritest gun ever, solely for the reload

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Is that the unique RNG Jakobs pistol? Legit only used that for the reload animation despite having a better Masher lol

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It’s a shotgun that shoots cannonballs

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