Feeling a little excluded just because of my weapon preference

yes, yes it is, though to be fair, its RNGness just makes it more fun to use

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Not while I have a Jakobs shot Gun thank you very much.

He’s just trolling.

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How is it trolling? I stated that I understood his viewpoint and shared similar feelings regarding other neglected weapon types. I get he is bummed.

The part you quote is specifically to do with the combatative tone he took towards some early responses. Thats not really going to incite meaningful discussion…things just descend into mud slinging.


Apparently I need to post this here too:

Go easy on one another. You may not understand or agree with another user, but that’s no reason to get into an argument.


It’s not trolling; it’s endless argument about the semantics of what constitutes a Revolver as opposed to a Pistol, which were separate weapon categories in BL1 but merged in all subsequent games.

Time for all to move on, I suspect - the discussion appears to have covered all possible angles at this point.


That’s mostly on me for not being clear enough I’m not good with typing and clearly putting my thoughts out.

Oh no nothing broken I just would like BL1 styled maliwan elemental revolvers, balanced of course to be less powerful than a jakobs but with the benefit(benifit?) of extra armor damage,shields damage or flesh damage (plus those neato effects and death animations plus I love fanning the hammer on the revolvers in BL). Hope this helps.