Feeling the power creep

Hey gearbox starting to feel the power creep . I put money on a new OP weapon will come with Bounty of Blood which will be nerfed with the next dlc .


Pretty sure the enemies will be even tankier than DLC 2, too. So all earlier gear will be worse to use as well making you need to use this latest DLC’s iteration of “Anarchy/ION Cannon/OPQ/Yellowcake/Monarch/Kaoson/Backburner/Unseen Threat/Wedding Invitation” or you can just rely on old faithful Recursion stacked with ASE anoints to trivialize the content.

I hope I am wrong and the newest editions of weapons will give actually choices.

Suspect in the next round of weapon updates will be a random lottery winner buffed beyond good, like the lob was. Of course it will also be something that was awful so nobody has any in storage.


Oh lordy … not the Superball. Lol