Feels great spending 30-40 minutes on story and then fail

why the hell isn’t there a checkpoint system in story mode yet for the final battles?

who thought putting nightfall (wipe to orbit and start entire thing over) mechanics into regular story mode was a great idea?

did some dev think making it harder was more addictive? if so, where are the players?

makes ya want to finish it once and NEVER go back. Why the high priority on wasting players’ time?

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Chuckles. Look’s like somebody’s stuck on The Renegade.

I’m just joking, by the way. It can be a huge pain sometimes.

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ya know this forum is filled with some of the nicest players I’ve ever seen on a forum


We fight together, or die alone in the dark.


It’s… really hard to outright fail a mission unless you are playing on hardcore or fully-scaled advanced. And in both those cases you know what you’re getting into. I’m not sure I see the problem with missions being all-or-nothing (and it really isn’t nothing, since you get all the loot you earned up to that point). There’s also the whole “server lease time” limitation.

What mission are you stuck on? Maybe we could give you some tips.


i’m just pugging dude

random matchmade groups

happens 1 out of 2 or 3 attempts

there is no reason to not let people just redo the final fight til they get it. don’t need to repeat another 30-40 minutes of waste of time trash

We do get like 12-15 lives. Only place it’s a pain I can see is in ops @ 100pts if you pugged a teammate who keeps suiciding or something.

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yeah and there is no reason not to add god hacks and aimbots too to PvE

In all seriousness though, PvE is supposed to piss u off and make u smash ur keyboard to hell b/c in the end you get loot to use in PvP, which is what you should play if u want to have a good time and if you like PvE games then I’m sorry but you picked the wrong one haha

I think there is no problem here. You get a lot of extra lives if you open the chests while playing the missions. If you fail to complete a mission - then there is a need to learn a thing or two and it’s not bad thing.

I think no player who played NES or SEGA Genesis games complain about the things you complain here. Try to complete Battletoads game from start to finish, you will need a lot of tries and if you run out of lives at the last boss - you gonna have to start from the very beginning. Just learn from your mistakes and go for another round. Like in real life.

Battleborn PVE is far from being punishing and hard. On most missions 1 player can carry the other two.


The moderators shut things down nice and quick. I don’t think we’ve seen a troll

I think the extra lives are the barrier. I remember someone requesting this and they mentioned it pretty much never happening. That’s why the Ops are all shorter, so if you lose you don’t lose as much. And you don’t have to grind them for gear

I personally like the harsh nature of story missions. Get good or get angry. If you’re losing then you probably shouldn’t be there.

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Yeh not to sound like a dick but the PVE, even on Advanced, is damned easy by general gaming standards. There a few missions that require extra care when in a 5-man (eg. The Sabatour, The Experiment, The Heliophage to a dgree) but to have checkpoints would trivialize the content completely.

Not sure about checkpoints, but I’ve been waiting a long time for some change to the escort and defense missions. I’d happily give up lives or score to avoid wasting ~20 minutes, but even just the option to attempt a mission retry instead of having to go back into queue would be nice.

Especially hate running the archives. I’ve failed that more often than not simply because we get to the door back to the starting area 3/4 of the way through the mission and the sentry just dies because of the wall of elites and creeps that spawns with 3 of our guys still fighting at the last choke point. Just frustrating to up and lose 3 minutes before the boss fight.

If I buy that turret and make it a thumper I generally win it pretty easily

The key to The Archive, The Experiment, and The Saboteur is the buildables. Unless you’re rolling 3-5x Kleese, they’re all unwinnable without the turrets and traps, especially with 5 ppl. Shard n wrench on at least one person is a must for these.

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