Feels like monkey balls

So I have been playing with ranged characters a lot up to this point, but after playing a few levels as Boldur in PVE I’ve noticed that there seems to be an invisible bubble surrounding other players much like in super monkey ball, when I get too close to them I sort of bounce off or get nudged a little. This is proving to be quite frustrating, especially when you get bumped just as you release a special and it suddenly spins off target into the distance. Also on Sentinel where you have the tunnel filled with Prince of Persia style spinning blades and dropping spikes, if you end up in one of the safe zones with too many other players you get jostled about and bounced out into spinning blades and then die, which frankly sucks!

Also it also seems to stop you from jumping over other players, so say you are the tank and you want to get to the front after being launched behind your team mates, you can’t just jump over them because you just bounce and slide off and can’t actually get over them. This might be an issue specific to Boldur, but it is frustrating when you can’t get back into the fight or get in front of a team mate to protect them without finding a big enough gap to squeeze through whilst everyone is doing incoming damage.

I appreciate there is possibly a strategic need to make the characters have a physical presence in the game, and I do not know the name for this area around a character so I shall call it monkey ball space. Please could you reduce the monkey ball space?

In the games I’ve worked on, we use a “capsule” for the player collision shape. It’s basically a cylinder with a sphere at the top and bottom. I don’t know what Battleborn is using but it sounds like it’s probably a capsule.

Well the title sure got me to read it. And body blocks seems to be one of the biggest complaints on the forums, right behind rebalancing and matchmaking/connection related problems, so you’re definitely not alone.

I know they’ve said something about tweaking collision issues with characters and environments in upcoming patches so this will likely improve at the least. The big characters really need a slimmer model as they are deeply affected by this (for instance Attikus on Overgrowth ends up trapped in the little side bunkers very easily, I call them coffins).