Felicity and the Quasar

Been farming this darn thing for 7 hours now with no luck keeps getting eaten by purple skins. Gotten 2 legandarys from the chests though (all useless, fml). Is this thing extremely rare or am i just really unlucky?

Legendaries in chests feel really rare in this game. Also, you need to watch for the Quasar toss. She will throw it out first. The reason I say watch for it is because there is a magic item eating floor in the area!

ive watched every toss with no orange at all =/ i have color blind mode on so its easy to see the difference…guess its time for another 7 hours =/

this farm feels 10x worse than the bunker lol

OMG don’t remind me… the pain, the horror… xD

i will say a lvl 60 quasar just eats cannon fodder, its crazy powerful!!!

thats why im baring this farm :smiley: it works perfect for mobbing on a clappy build with flakker

WOOOO!!! 9 Hours and i finally get it…sticky lobbed too

It’s both rare and a stroke of bad luck. Very first time I fought her, she dropped it.

I then proceeded to kill her 99 times at a much later point. Didn’t drop it again.

Skip ahead a couple of characters and when I finally forget that Miss Buttnugget doesn’t want me to have another quasar, I’m surprised to see a shiny orange grenade on the ground at the end of the fight.

Though at least you got other legendaries in the process.


Trying to farm a better Sham from BNK-3R, in my one-shot Maya setup. Get an OP6 slag Bitch after 3 or 4 kills. I said to myself, “I’ll probably get a random pearlescent drop out of this guy, before I get another legendary.” Would you know, within the next half-hour, it dropped me a slag butcher with melee damage accessory. Didn’t see a Sham all day.

I’ve gotten ONE Quasar from Felicity Rampant. To be fair, though, I’ve only killed her a dozen and a half times, maybe. I probably ought to go farm her some more, to try to get an updated Quasar. That’s a great grenade to have, and I’d like to get one longbow with a shorter fuse time.

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I farmed Felicity nonstop at 50 for a Quasar. After like a week I finally got one. Aaaand it was rubberized.

I don’t feel so bad forcing her to be a giant dumpster wrapped in sadness after that


Why do rubberized grenades even exist? angry fist

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They exist to cause great torment. They are the darkness inside RNGesus.