Felicity Rampant boss, anyone?

I’m in need of some assitance with the Felicity Rampant boss. I’m a lv 16 Fragtrap, but my damage output seems a bit too low to take out the shield and repair drones alone. Anyone interested in helping? Feel free to add me or say your PSN so I can add you.

PSN: CubeRoot06

I mean, I’m a level 26 claptrap, level 55 athena and wilhelm, and a level 70 nisha; I can help you unless you want a challenge from Felicity. I am leveling up a Timothy (Jack Double) at the moment tho.

Sure, why not? You can add me on PSN, unless you’re willing to provide your PSN at the cost of surprising me. =P

I’ll add you when I get back, kinda on vacation, but I’ll add you ASAP

You probably won’t need help by Wednesday but hey, new friends