Felix's Trade Post (PS4)

Looking for

  • Quazar with “grenade throw weapon, grenade, action skill increased 25% for 6 seconds”

  • Cocky Fire Flakka with splash damage anointment (could go with plain splash damage flakka instead)

What I have:


  • Oozing Gratifying Thorns w/ Ironbear cooldowns on kills anointment.
  • Moarr Linoge w/ ASE 50% radiation dmg
  • Plain Dmg Flood w/ iBear exit 40% incendiary
  • Arctic Hawkins / apply terror to self with ASE
  • Deep Dive Face Puncher / while enemy below 25% gain 50% dmg


  • Improved Rerouter - ASE reflect 30% dmg taken


  • Cloning Ghast Call
  • Cloning Hex - rad and shock
  • Trans-fusion nade


  • Bloodletter w/ 29% splash, 24% weapon mag size, atlas fire rate

  • Ropa Dope siren melee class mod, doesn’t have Find your Center, but does have 25% weapon dmg and 32% shotgun fire rate

  • Phasezerker siren mod / splash smg bonus

  • Prob more, I can always check.