Fellow Vault Hunters, please help

Hi guys, last week I had a bug while playing online with other players and then after restarting the game my gamesaves got corrupt. The local saves as well as the cloud saves. I really recommend everyone to save their files periodically under Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Saved Games, because the support doesnt have the tools to restore files in the cloud…

As I am now starting from the scratch with a new character, I would be very happy to receive some high-tier weapons which you dont need, to decrease my farming investment…


I’d be happy to send some weapons your way. Which character you want stuff for? And would you like a few guns from various levels between 1 and 50?

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Cloud saves off? Check.
Avoid random public players for co-op? Check.
Save game files backed up? Check.
Save game files backed up after every single session? Check.
Save game files backed up independently of former backups? Check.
Save game files also backed up off-disk? Check.
Save game files also backed up off-site? Check.
Off-site backup is a corporate NAS with numerous redundancies in a fire-proof building? Check.

I mean, it sounds like a lot, but compared to inadvertently losing progress, not even a little (and this is my normal backup routine for all important files). I only have a handful of non-mission Legenary weapons (will not start pursuing them in earnest for a while), or I’d hook you up.


I started over with amara, I think lv 50 weapons are enough, I am just running through the main story and then again in tvhm. Thank you!