Fellow Vault Hunters! What now!?

So I love Borderlands. I want more and more. I haven’t been this in love with gameplay on a game since I was on my PC getting in some WoW. I dunno what it is about BL3… I just enjoy it to the max.

Problem is, I have all four characters maxed. I’ve played through the story too many times. (Did it on Mayhem 10 twice now.) I’m geared up to the top and now there is nothing to do. Anyone know of some other titles I could try out? Or got any recommendations on secret stuff to do in BL3 that I don’t know about hopefully? Lol

im doing hard to believe, you have like all characters geared up to the max
like, really max BiS gear
every class mod and relic with the perfect secondary stats, shields and grenades with the perfect parts + anointment?
i dont even have 1 character like that

Okay. I probably worded that stronger than I should have. No not PERFECTLY. But my Zane, Moze and FL4K are all geared “strongly” to specific builds. I don’t play Amara much. Don’t know why. Don’t get me wrong. Gear wise yeah I could farm for hours and still have room to progress. I’m just looking for more than that I guess.

I’m pretty much in the same situation as the OP. Before M2.0 I was probably playing 4-5 hours a day and getting incrementally better gear. The last patch dropped and gave us weapons that were fairly easy to acquire that make everything else in the game pretty much obsolete. Once you have decent Kaoson/OPQ/Yellowcake etc. there really doesn’t seem to be any point in farming for anything else.

That said I downloaded the free to play version of Destiny 2 to try and get my Borderlands fix and I absolutely hated it. Movement and combat feel slow and heavy and everything just seemed a slog after Borderlands. Hubs full of bunny hopping pre-teens don’t do anything for me either and I dislike the fact that a lot of the content is forced multiplayer.

So I’m probably going to hit up Doom Eternal and Gears Tactics while i wait for the next DLC.

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Outside of doom nothing gives me.the rush of borderlands crazyness and combat. Its freakin boring right now. A redistributor a few nuche items and ill feel complete. But theyre all from takedown which drops woodblockers

No raid bosses etc.

I feel we shoulda had as much stuff as all of bl2’s content already. Ina way the world felt so.much bigger and connected going across pandora. Bl3 feels like a buncha linear cooridors and teleporting everywhere. Like athenas should have some more maps. Prometheus too.

The worlds dont feel big. It doesnt feel biggwr than bl2’s base world. Infact id like to damn well revisit and go back to every bl2 place.

I miss raid bosses soloing em as axton forever legit. I miss pink tier stuff. The pink stuff stores.

When incame.to.bl3 i wanted what.bl2 had and more. Not less.

They should keep the cartel planet active perma but make a different quest without the spawns everywhere.

We need some freakin i dunno variety. Make trials.have legendarys that drop m6-m10… Something!

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No… Raid… Bosses…

We have had Maliwan Takedown, Moxxi’s Heist and G.L.T., only 1 of these has offered a raid boss. In BL2, we had 2 in the vanilla game Terramorphous and Verramorphous. Then at least one with every DLC. We are way behind schedule for “invincibles” if you ask me.

You consider wotan a raid boss? Hes a joke. Cutsman and or launcher him. Its more like his ads are the problem.

He doesnt even drop his loot anymore. He drops world.legendarys… Which is stupid

Bosses had limited pools. Not a chance to drop 100% vendor trash

I’ve been killed by him as many times as Terramorphous and he was considered a " raid boss".

Of course now that we have had Wotan for months, we have figured out his mechanics better and how to kill him seemingly in our sleep. We seem to forget the poundings he dealt back in November. It took me weeks to conjure a Fl4k build that was his equal.

The Ancient Dragons of Destruction could be nearly impossible or a afternoon stroll depending on how you fought them and who you played. Krieg could one shot Pete with Bloodsplosion. Zero could insta kill Hyperius and Vermivorous(assuming you had a Crystallisk nearby). Master Gee had a horrible mechanic with his shield that resulted in the gate crush tactic. Voracidious was the most pure “invincible” enemy in BL2 without modded weapons or exploits.

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Actually this is not hard to believe. I was at the same position during the level 50 cap, level 53 cap, and level 57 cap before M2.0. I got three Mozes with perfect gear.

Now with M2.0, I only got two VHs with perfect gear. The rest are still on process but I feel I’m just gonna focus on leveling more VHs. The current gear state and possibility of another level cap would essentially destroy all my efforts for the nth f***ng time.

Edit: Prior to M2.0 my old perfect gear would still be viable and make the new level cap a joke still but with M2.0, it basically made all my perfect gear not so perfect and less viable in M10

After the legendaries-in-vending-machines and moar loot tink event, I was at the best gear level ever in this game, capped off with really nice Nuclear Boom Sickle with a Gamma Burst anointment.

I used that weapon about twice. M2.0 comes out shortly after and I had to delete all that stuff. Worthless.

Fool me once, Gearbox. Thankfully us PC players also now have other options.

What does PC have in addition?

Also, do any of you know how many more DLC’s Gearbox is going to do? That’s another thing. I really felt like they did an awesome job of hyping up Guns, Love and Tentacles but it wasn’t what I anticipated. It was good don’t get me wrong, I just expected more I guess. I’m also probably being pretty “needy” and I have higher expectations than I should.

Yea dude, I’m a long retired destiny 2 player, that game burned me out. Probably put in over a thousand hours only to get super drained. I find borderlands much better but at the same time, more boring. Oximoronic, I know. I guess the difference being that Destiny has a TON of content, but it’s a quantity over quality thing. That and they’re always raising the level cap so it’s a non stop grind.

I’ve only been playing borderlands for a few weeks but I’ve already taken my first character through mayhem 10 and have acquired all the ‘relevant’ guns where mayhem 10 isn’t really a challenge anymore. I started a Moze character and just got her through the campaign but honestly I just don’t have much drive. It’s the one thing that destiny does have on bl3, if you were max level and had great gear you could do the raids which were pretty hard or try and git gud at multi-player. Overall I’m satisfied with the bl3 experience but feel like I’ve already done everything the game has to offer right now