Female claptrap not progressing

I have collected several dead claptraps, but every time I go to Sanctuary to check, Claptrap only talks about going up the stairs, and the female claptrap remains as a broken claptrap on the floor, no visual differences.

I’m pretty sure i got them all…I’m not even entirely sure there’s any end to this.

If you’ve collected all Claptraps you get the Babymaker ++ and a conversation between Claptrap and his new “friend” he built

I haven’t gotten all the parts from all the maps yet, but she is up and working there. I think it must trigger building her after a set number of parts collected?

Nah, it’s my 4th playthrough and it’s the first time this happened to me (or at least that I noticed) but I know the first playthrough just kept upgrading her.

No gun here…and im very sure i got them all. :confused: