Few changes on Benedict

First off, it’s not about buff or nerf (Or rather small one)
Second, it’s about what i think need to be changed or corrected after playing nearly exclusively Benedict during the Beta.


-Wind Chill (Level 2 Helix): The one second slow seems rather poor, or even useless. I usually take this skill because i don’t wan’t Make some room (Which could push my target away) so it’s like i take it to just skip the only choice at level 2 right now, as you can’t make much use of the slow (It take you nearly one second to be at the apex of Liftoff).
Not sure what is needed beside putting back the two seconds slow, or a larger area of effect. No idea.

-Divebomb (Level 5 Mutation): Feels a bit clunky, the camera have a bit of trouble at the moment of impact, and it would be nice to have the damage displayed on the Helix choice. Also, the ground indicator should really show where you land, not “hypothetical” as sometime you land in a completely different place (Too short, or not even on the same level).

-Multiloader (Level 7 Mutation):

-Phoenix Protocol (Level 10 mutation): No problem in terms of gameplay, it just lack a good visual effect on the ground.


-Sometimes, if you move the camera rapidly to the sides just as you start using Glide, the camera slightly bug as it try to centre itself correctly and you have parts of Benedict’s model briefly blocking the screen due to it.

-When taunting with Regurgirocket, you can see part of the rocket through Benedict’s nape as he regurgitate it.
Also, the Rocket doesn’t appear during character selection.