Few issues ive noticed that dont seem to have any fixes

  1. swapping weapons removes the bonus on 250% damage while gravity snare is active (even if you swap back too the origional weapon the buff is gone until grav snare is recast)
  2. the tizzy will stutter sometimes and will have to be swapped off then back on to get it too ramp up to full speed again this becomes a real problem in situations like the one above where it removes your annointmant buff
  3. for the life of me I cannot find a fix to when someone joins my game all the sound just vanishes until they leave or I kick them. Noones talking push to talk is on and no ptt used also not on any other voice chat like discord. I know there is an issue where the sound will cut out while playing solo and usually quitting the game and restarting fixes it but this is different, I would love to play with other people but having zero sound is unplayable (pc steam version btw) I would be fine if there was just a way to disable voice chat all together but theres no option for that either like wtf?