Few items for trade

Holistic Butcher
455 x 3 damage
+10% Crit
After Exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds

Double Penetrating Pent-Up Magnum (Torgue)
882x2 damage
880 Shock damage at 23%
+101 splash damage
+69% Projectile Speed
While STNL is active , gain 50% of damage as bonus Cyror damage

Auditing Crossroad with cyro 126%
385 x 3 damage
+10 Crit Damage
After exciting Iron Bear, next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% crit damage

Looking for Bekah AR, Redistributor smg, Recurring Hex, I’ll send all 3 listed your way, thanks everyone

Also for trade
Double Penetrating The Boring Gun
2294x2 damage
+390 splash damage radius
After Exiting Iron Bear, the next 3 magazine will have 33% increased reload Speed and 67% increased handling

I have bekah 100 ASE and all sntnl redistributor. Do u have sntnl anointed cutsman?

I’ll be happy to take a look, I only run Fl4K, but I usually try to save some of those legendarys for other charectors, anything else your after by chance?
I’d be interested in your Bekah for sure, just gotta find something to throw back your way

Any good seein dead class mod, sntnl anointed band of sitorak, sntnl x2 ion cannon non elemental, 50 elemental recurring hex or 25 gun, granade and skill damage it s piss

Not much luck with your list, I’ll keep an eye out for a good roll on the Seein’ Dead class mod for ya, I do have a It’s piss, but with ASE gain 50% incendiary damage with weapons for 10 seconds

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We can trede bekah for that it s piss. Add me Gimn123. I’ll be online in about an hour

Sounds good, I’ll send ya an invite,thanks, really appreciate it!

Ok. See u later

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I m online. I can send u the bekah in a sec. Ok?

Sounds good, just gonna send you that now