Few Leveling Questions + Others

I haven’t really noticed any answer to these questions; so I’d appreciate an answer IF an answer is known.

1.) When you level up, do you gain additional stats (Health/Shields/etc), or are all the character’s stats set in stone unless modified by gear/skills?

2.) As you level up, is there a damage multiplier that modifies damage output and damage taken depending on the level of the other characters? Is that why some skills have “ranges” in terms of how much damage they cause?

3.) Will the loot have “levels” as they did in BL or will they just be based on rarity? (my guess is juts rarity).

4.) Are all skills available to you from base level or are they unlocked as you level? If unlocked as you level, do you pick which ones to unlock, is there a set order, etc?

5.) Do skills use any sort of “energy” source or are they just limited in use based on their Cool Down?

6.) Wouldn’t slow characters with very short range be likely to level a lot slower than faster characters with bigger ranges?

7.) Exp. Is shared amongst co-op partners after kills, right? Then again, haven’t looked closely enough to notice if there is even an exp. bar…I’m assuming there is though!

Questions with probably no answer at the moment:
8.) Is loot going to be rare? If so, how rare?

9.) Is loot going to be plentiful; 5 players would probably want some sort of reward after a tough boss battle…hopefully it’s not like BL where 3 people had to watch as 1 person scooped up the sole legendary and were left with janky stuff.
<Makes me wish that after every Co-Op Boss fight a random “good” loot will appear in each of their inventory that way everybody has a chance at a good item without having to be pissed at somebody for Ninja-looting…Or even worse, those hosts that wait till the boss is dead to kick everyone out>

  1. Yes, you do gain stats per level,
  2. The skills also gain stats per level, there isn’t (to my knowlage) a built in damage resistance thingy like in the borderlands series.
  3. I doubt it because all of the loot they have mentioned so far is either: Currency or for out-of-match stuff.
  4. all of your basic abilities are available from level 1, however, your ultimate ability unlocks at level 5.
  5. so far, all of the skills are exclusively cooldown based
  6. that depends entirely on how the experience system works, that said, no charecters like the one you describe exist. in general the melee charecters have had at least one movement ablity and somewhat high “speed” score.
  7. I’m not sure.
  8. probably depends on the loot.
  9. loot is shared.
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  1. In every match you level up from 1-10 like in mobas, you can get an upgrade for each level (out of 2-3) on the helix skill tree
  2. I don’t think so hence them giving specific numbers on damage in the helix skill tree
  3. ‘Loot’ is saved to your account and they may have a rarity system in place
  4. Refer to 1
  5. No. They’re on a cooldown timer with the exception of specific characters (e.g. Montana)
  6. Yes, that’s why they won’t make characters like that.
  7. Yes, it is. In the sense that any character you also hit will give you exp when they die. So no ‘last hits’ here thankfully :smile:
  8. I wouldn’t think so, but i’m just guessing
  9. I don’t think loot drops in the game session, but if it does i hope it’s diablo style (soooo tired of ninja looters)

You can find all of this (and more) on Battleborn website.

Well that answers that question. :smile_cat: