Few mods and artifacts I have up for trade

Here r a few mods and artifacts I have up for trade …I’m mainly looking for incendiary cutsman and beastmaster hunter mods w weapon dmg and or incendiary and or SMG dmg …![20191204_142526|375x500](upload://nybbnZc9Qf99lsWY55XP9mVKZ8o.jp

I do others

Hi, I have a binary sublime cutsman, fire, 1399 dam, 20 mag and a man eater bounty hunter class mod - 1 point dangerous game, 2 points hunter’s eye, 2 points frenzy, +15% maliwan fire rate, (note the cutsman is a maliwan). I would like the cauterizing deathless artifact. Let me know if you would like to trade. thanks Tom GT = Chase D Gamer08

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Sure buddy works for me I’m logging on now …gt froggy0928

The fire cutsman would’ve awesome

anyone have roided rough rider

Trade for elemental Projector?

What’s ur game tag I’ll send it to u