Few practical changes that would dramatically improve multiplayer experience

these are all suggestions for once they get even their server issues stabilized, because right now there are fundamental issues with even being able to join friends for anything on console.

-create two additional playlists in each game mode–one for each map. i know this isnt what anyone wants to hear, but i personally plan on just flat out leaving meltdown matches where we play the new map. you dont have to agree, but that is my opinion and if im in a lobby and it gets chosen i am just going to peace out. it is not a stretch to have a few additional lobby choices.

-create a freelance playlist in every game mode where solo only players are allowed to queue. it works in destiny, no reason why it cant work here. a compromise to this would be no more than teams of two, and never put two teams of two on the same team.

EDIT: I realize the primary concern someone will pose is that this would negatively affect queue times. but these games range from 5 mins, to 30 mins. adding another minute to wait times in order to actually play good matches is more than a great trade off compared to what we have now

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But then why should eveyone have to wait a little longer because you dont like a certain map?

And also, make an individual playlist for each story map, along with the advanced versions.

I really do like the ideas of these changes (as much as I dislike playing Coldsnap), but if they’d actually end up working out or not depends heavily on the size of the playerbase. Would still be really happy to see this happen though.

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if i were the only one, you would have a point. but believe it or not, a lot of people just leave or go afk. would you rather wait a little longer and have good games, or constantly have teammates leave or go afk?