Few questions about basic stuff

First. Ignoring individual characters kits for a second - what’s better? more max health vs healing received bonus?
Second. Does attack speed effect rate of fire?
Third. For characters like Montana who don’t reload. Does reload speed effect the rate his minigun looses heat?
Fourth. What does the stinger turret do that thumper and lightning doesn’t?
Fifth. What’s the best stage to farm shield breaks for Lore challenges? So slow!

Kit is dependent on the character, I have not noticed a firing increase with ranged characters and attack speed items, reload speed does not increase Montana cooldown, stinger is a mid range annoyance whereas the thumper is the go to turret due to range and damage and the Lightning is a close range shield remover, for shield breaks fight on the voids edge or algorithm

Just a quick breakdown and I hope it answers your questions!

Obviously depends …
If you have a private healer in your back, than healing received is probably worth it most of the times. Otherwise health or -probably better- shield … or even better … something entirely different :smiley:
Attack speed does affect firerate.

… can´t tell you much about the other stuff though.

Use rath for example then. Do I benefit from having more health or increasing how much I can sustain myself with life and shield drain?

Don´t really know, sorry …
I usually run most DD meeles with attack damge, attack speed and crit or move speed.
You have life and shield drain items? … I think I haven´t gotten a single item that does that in 120 hrs o.0 …

There’s no way we can give you a definitive answer on this. You’re just gonna have to try both and see which one you prefer.

If I’m running rath, I’m going for health increase, because he’s already going to steal life and help keep him alive, but he’s very, very squishy. So if you’re going life-steal then you’re helping yourself once you’re ON a target, but health increase will help him on the way to and from a target as well, just my 2 cents on it.

Although, I’ll buffer that with saying I wouldn’t go with any real “tank” items on him, probably just a secondary benefit on an attack speed/attack power item. On my current build I have an atk speed item that gives me health regen under +50 I like that because it helps me get on a target and stay on them, and with his built in lifesteal, I wind up feeling really hard to kill under 50.

You want to think about how you’ll use the character, what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are.

His life-steal is a strength, his overall health pool is a weakness, so do you want to buff the weakness, or is it negligible enough to where you can skip it and buff a strength?

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Not an item. Rath gets life and shield drain via his helix and passive. I’m just wondering if it’s better to heal myself for more or buff his and other melee characters (with any kind of regenerative abilities) max health. Which has more survivability?
I know for phoebe she doesn’t have any health regeneration naturally so max health is better with her. Rath and galilia and boulder all have self heals in some way. Think Kelvin too.

Btw former krieg player here so running in and killing all the things is melee playstyle of choice. Except I can’t regen my health to full with every kill.

Well … just do the math …
His lifesteal is not that great to begin with … increasing it by a mere 10-15% leaves you with a very minor bonus.
Compared to something hefty like 15% more actual damage or attack speed I think it´s a wasted slot.
I think even a health reg item would be more beneficial than increasing his own healing capabilites.

Oh, helix abilities? My bad! lol those are going to come down to the fight you’re actually in…
Are you having trouble staying in a fight once you’re in one, or getting out once you’re finished?

It’s also going to come down to what you’ve got in the kit you’re running, if you have health built into it, then you may not need any out of his kit.

Usually, you’ll want the lifesteal though :wink:

Yeah In almost any rpg I’ve played - life steal is king.
Oh yeah so my load out for melee is usually attack damage, attack speed and then something defensive. I was running a + 13% self heal with a tiny attack bonus for 3 seconds on crit until I got a legendary with bonus health, 7% self heal and 21 max health per major enemy kill ×10 limit.
So kinda torn since for sustain was pretty damn good - something like +24% bonus to life drain per melee hit with gear and talents on rath.

Another question. Does attack speed have any effect on ambra’s life drain main attack? Does it make it tick faster?

As far as I´d guess the ticks would be faster, its only a guess though…

This awesome list of helpfull info from @arcsteiiscool covers almost everything, I´m quiet sure theres also an answer to your question there! If not - its still an awesome list! :smiley: