Few Questions about maximizing his DPS

I’ve recently started spin-cancelling with Rath and I have a whole new respect for the character now. The increase in dps is very noticeable.
I was wondering if anyone has discovered a combo for ED that would increase his dps. Something similar to Raths or Pheobe’s true strike combo. I tried doing his combo then clapping, but it didn’t seem to do much. It felt weaker in fact.
Also, in what situations is it better to clap spam, and when is it better to do his main combo?

A) I take it this is meant to be in El Dragón’s subpart of the forums, not Whiskey Foxtrot’s?

B) For all things El Dragón, just going to tag @blainebrossart1 & @Dr_H0H0.


I use his regular melee combo for higher singel-target damage or if the enemies are close enough together for me to able to hit more than one of them with the regular combo, especially the last spin of his combo.

His clap comes in handy when you’re out of reach, want a larger AoE damage or don’t/can’t go fully go in (e.g harassing around corners).

Those builds on the premise though that you spec for the increased clap distance at level 3 (can’t remember the helix’s name).

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I don’t think there is any secret to increasing Dragon’s DPS. Just try to stay at full stacks as often as possible.

I’m going to admit, I was slightly confused when you tagged me in a thread that seemed to be about maxing WF’s DPS.


Oh man my bad. I totally missed my section lol

Have you ever felt the need to take the punch over the clap at level 3?

Not particularly. It’s a good increase to DPS but I’ve always prefered the clap range for hitting whole waves of minions and finishing off a low health target as they are running.

Oh it’s an increase? I’ve been lead to believe that it actually decreases dps. Good to know.

whats a good damaging game in a 30 minute incursion?

■■■■. For ED? A good player could break 150,000. I don’t see him getting much higher than that unless you are the only one wave clearing on the team.

HoHo said he averages 100k to 160k in a good game with Dragon.

I had a really good game then :stuck_out_tongue: was just curious as I wasnt sure what I was aiming for! thanks :slight_smile:

What did you get for your damage dealt?

Had about 50k healing from the Miko, seems like I did pretty well!

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By the gods we took a lot of damage that match.

Talking about taking damage, the game time on this was 15:05… :joy: