Few Questions For Those To Answer

Hello to everyone who reads and answer this post.

Making this really quick, but have a couple of questions that I hope the community can answer or if Dev. could answer.

  1. I know there is Tier 1 “skin” options for the character and that there is confirmation of Tier 2 and Tier 3 “skin” schemes coming out in a later update. Any information on these new Tiers and what they will exactly obtain and how it will be obtainable? Through challenges or gambling away on loot packs for the rest of the year? And when we might see it?

  2. How many taunts and “skins” are currently out there for each character? Currently being the key word, since there will be more added on.

  3. Will there be a way to vote or mark players for doing well in a game? Like a Miko who actually heals and not run into every battle without healing anyone? Or the player who keeps feeding the team? This also goes along with people who leave games. Possible to have players join if still in the character selection screen, if someone leaves or disconnects early? Still have like 70 seconds.

  4. Last one is the helix tree. Is there also a possibility to fix or redo a skill that I accidentally picked? Maybe I hit right trigger on accident, when I wanted left. Not to fix it when I’m lvl 6 and want to make a change from lvl 3, but right there and then for that skill. Like 5 seconds to confirm or change that skill.

Thank you.

No one knows.

There’s supposedly 1 taunt each and at least two skins.

No way to reset helix choices.

No way to vote on other players performance

Currently, three skins (Yellow & purple, purple & blue, pure white) and two unique taunts can be found in faction specific loot packs for each character.

Side note. We really do need a commendation system to allow us to upvote or give something to great players we run into.


I’m not sure how I feel about this…

On one point, I certainly want to high five people whom had my back in the game, and helped us succeed (or even stuck it out when losing)…

But at the same time, I don’t like it, as it would promote false in game behaviour…

Eg: I might die more than some other people, but I’m willing to risk my neck to get the minions in, rather than someone whom constantly teleports back to base because they are more concerned about their kill death ratio, than the objective…

The current score board seems to reward/point out the kill/death ratio more than the objective/I did the work players… Only because it’s the more prominent/first up on the score board feature.

But private messaging a player, to say “nice work” is good too, you might even get a permanent friend to play with out of it :wink:


Score matters. You can easily outscore people with more kills.

It’s not like there isnt about 15 different categories factoring in.

At the end of day it will never have what you are asking for.

Did I say anywhere that it didn’t matter?
I simply outlined that the way it’s currently listed doesn’t nessecarily reflect whom actually did the work (objective) - yes it’s there if you scroll through, but it isn’t the forefront listing…
Also, you can still beat someone (win the match) whom out scores you… It’s not won on kill/death ratio, it’s won on the objective…
I’ve been on many a team where we have won, but their score was higher… so…
I guess, you have brought me around in a circle, does it? Haha.

I do understand that part. I have played games where the person with the most deaths actually had the best score and help win the game. I’ve seen players with 30 deaths, but overall score wise, they were the MVP of the match cause they played the game objectively versus the K/D sense. The game does reward you for guiding minions, build turrets/stations, and destroying enemy minions with more xp in game matches.

That being said, maybe a vote for multiple sections then? Like a best PVP player, best support (building defenses, guiding minions, assists, destroying stations), and best objective player. Maybe that might promote positive game behavior or at the very least curve it in that general direction. Better idea?

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The scoring system is being changed in a future patch and will be based on more than kills and assists.

I also noticed that with players who are falling behind in level have a hard time keeping up in the game. I’ve been in multiple matches where I’m lvl 5 or 6 and members on my team are in the same area, usually at 4 or 5. But I look at the other team and their highest lvl player is at 3. I know in these kinds of game, when there is just one or maybe two lvl difference, there isn’t much of a problem. But at a spread of 3, the lower lvl player has a harder time killing higher lvl players.

Yes the lvl 6 or 7 player will get less xp for killing a lvl 3 or 4 player, but will have more helix points unlocked, as well as their ultimate, making it that much harder for lower lvl players. Maybe when multiple players on one team are three lvls higher than highest lvl player on the enemy team (Like three lvl 7 to highest lvl on enemy team at lvl 3) that team gets an xp boost?

It already is.

She was mentioning the order in which the columns are displayed.

Talk about the game. Not other forum users.

Score is based solely on kills and assists, 2x kills + assists, the only way to outscore someone with more kills than you is to have a lot more assists than them.
So no, score doesn’t matter in this game.

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Misquote me all you like.

Agree to disagree.

That I can get on board with, haha…
Everyone has a different role in the team, and everyone plays differently…
So if the reward is shared, that would be nice!

I wouldn’t want it overrun by trolls whom only vote for their co-op player, or want to put down a particular someone…
So shared vote like that, might be cool.


/points to my previous post.

Got it :wink:
No beef here… Mod away, haha.

When I teleport back to base it’s more about the preservation of the team than my own K:D. If I die then we’re a man down and an enemy gains XP towards leveling up. But I do get your point, sometimes the death is rewarding. I’ve sacrificed myself to destroy the sentry on Incursion or secure a point in Capture and sometimes it pays off to make the risky play. If there’s a high leveled enemy wreaking havoc or a healer keeping the enemy team alive and you can secure the kill but it means dying in the process, do it. Your loss to neutralise a priority target sometimes gives your team the chance to push.
The way I see it: If you know you’re gonna die doing something important, make sure you can take someone with you, better to have a level playing field then leave your team a man down and lose what progress you made when you lost that fight.

Now see that’s a misquote

And that is exactly what I’m talking about!
Dying just because you were in the wrong place, or because you didn’t get out of the way… Not so much…
But because it has a reward pay off (objective, or taking someone out with you), then that’s understandable…
The ‘score’ however doesn’t show these acts of play…
In fact, no category can/does…
So, score doesn’t matter to me, at least.
The ‘win’ or ‘lose’ does.