Few thoughts Mayhem 2.0 and those modifiers

Few thoughts on mayhem 2.0 and modifiers

Pain Tolerance if you are playing Amara one shot and enemy has 60% resist all
Ticked Off again playing Amara who does lots of status effect not good
Boundary Issues,Chain Gang,Pool Party and Laser Fare
if you have melee build or build where you shoots enemy at close range
quite annoying

Holy Crit is more like a perk if you are playing Fl4k when others not so good
Not the Face if you are playing Fl4k you dont want this

So Borderlands is now single player game
Because you dont want to play others because modifiers they
use messes your play style and others dont want to play
with you because modifiers you are using messes their play style

And rolling those modifiers to get it right is real pain in ass
and after party is over again rolling modifiers to suit your
play style

Then action skills
Now you have only three action skills that do something
Barrier,Fade Away and Phasegrasp
others are there only to trigger anointments

And lastly Grenade mods and its anoitments
-While an Action Skill is Active, Grenade Damage is increased by 150%
Grenade damage is useless even with normal mode so these doesnt do actually anything
You choose grenade mods only to give you right bonus elemental damage


I think that’s a fair comment. I don’t play co-op anyway but it does seem Mayhem 2.0 might discourage people from doing it.

Not sure I’d agree with that. I use Clone Drone for my Zane and find it pretty useful, and my best anointments tend to be 300% damage where an enemy is below 90% health, so not related to those.

Oh and Buddy System is currently broken. The drone can clip through the environment, get stuck in a object you can’t damage, or be on the other side of the map. Good luck with that.

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Have the both of you forgotten gamma burst builds?

No, I din’t mean to imply Clone Crone was the only alternative, just that I’m using it at the moment and it doesn’t fit the description above!

Having said that, not used Gamma Burst yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few of those builds as well as many others across all vault hunters and the modifiers are forcing rerolls on viable builds. With that said Gamma burst builds have ALOT of rerolling to do moreso than my other vault hunters/ builds with the modifiers in place. Cheers

I dont have forgotten gamma burst
Actually my fl4k is using gamma burst
but that damage what it does its quite pitiful and i use it only to boost
my weapon damage and my beast to taunt enemies
so that is one way to use it

I have one of the builds working, however its not very fun. Swapped 115% gamme burst active annoint to 200% swapped elemental projector for cutpurse victory rush with movespeed stat to deal with ammo issues and silly stuff like the floor is lava/pool party. running lobs and bleh cake

I thank you for your post as it points out the obvious on how these modifiers are build breaking/ character limiting . Thank you for also pointing out about how this is gamebreaking in multiplayer. I myself can no longer organize multiplayer events in my group besides the fact that many have left because of the modifiers and other reasonable concerns with this current system.


I haven’t even tried MP because I have no idea how the host game would be setup and reading this isn’t making me excited for the opportunity.

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I would have preferred a certain degree of control over the modifiers, like switching them off and/or choose them.

Would others mind posting in regards to what other modifers are breaking what, why and where. I really don’t feel like doing it. I’ve explained these things over and over and they just don’t have the experience or aren’t on endgame with multiple chars/builds or mostly can’t be bothered to listen

People are still promoting them without full working knowledge of what they do and the impact they have.

What’s really shameful is “Content Creators” on youtube are even hiding the fact that their builds won’t work without a correct roll on modifiers nor informing others that their builds won’t work in multiplayer without a correct roll. I guess its just a paycheck at the expense of the future of game and others.

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