Fewer crashes, PS3 vs PS4?

Hope this is a good section for my question

Currently on playing BL2 on PS3. Not infrequently, particularly if I open my game to the public and things get hectic my system crashes (freezes so i need to turn power off & restart). For instance – about three times today! I don’t think it’s my particular system flaking out either – I think the game just can’t handle high intensity play (I get crash in some other PS3 multiplayer games rather easily too).

So I’m just wondering, if there are those who played extensively on the PS3 prior to the PS4 if (1) you know what I’m talking about re: the freezes and (2) if things seem more stable on the PS4?

Thanks for any info! Considering getting a PS4 (finally) and wondering if it handles intense multiplayer games better.

I have played on PS3 extensively and now play on the PS4. PS3 used to crash constantly for me. Especially farming sessions with Sal. You will be amazed, at least with BL2, of how little it crashes and very little lag. There is no comparison.

Edit: I play solo as well as multiplayer with no issues like with PS3.

While the PS3 version of BL2 was rather stable for me (save for some gear being unuseable), the PS4 version chugs along just fine at 60 FPS. The only minor lag I get on occasion is because I cranked the fov up to 110. But have yet to experience a crash.

Good to hear these reports! Thank you people.

I put over 400 hours into the ps3 version and i had only one crash.

I can remember farming or raiding Hyperious and the system would crash occasionally . Even during the opening nova blast the PS3 would lock up, solo or multiplayer. Maybe it was my system, but it was frustrating.

Yea i never fought hyperious on my ps3 version. But i know just playing through vanilla content and dlc with out fighting the raids. I didnt experience any problems.

With a party of 4* on ps4, occasionally you see some lag during combat. Other than that it’s 100 times better. PS3 was almost impossible to run a wrecking ball team of 4. Ps4 is clean. Also keep any kids who have modded gear OUT. That still causes issues. Also the conference call still suffers a big. And a full party of norfleets don’t do very well either lol .

Countless hrs played on both systems.

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You could only kill him 3 times, after that it’s your own risk.

Mine would lock up once every 2 hrs or so after regular gameplay. PS3 was ■■■■ for bl2 ultimately. But ps4 is super clean.

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That sucks. Glad i never farmed him when i played on my ps3.

Wasn’t fun at all.

I remember farming him for hours on the xbox 360 version, with other people. Never experienced a crash. I wonder why the ps3 had issues.

boring hyperius and shamfleeting crashes my game on PS3.

Not making proper use of the hardware. Not many third party devs could.

True. I forgot the processor it used was harder to develop for.