FFYL & BL3 changes

FFYL has obviously evolved again in BL3, wanted to see what others have observed or thought about it in BL3. Here are some things I have observed (correctly or not).

  • You can move a heck of a lot faster. We’ve gone from no movement, to slow movement, to almost normal speed movement (even before buffs).
  • Timer seems to reset faster. I have not insta-bled once even during prolonged fights where I’ve been downed numerous times.
  • All (I think) bosses seem to have long enough periods of dormancy to reset the FFYL timer. The final campaign battle is a really clear example of this, a few loooong stretches of time when you’re only dealing with trivial damage from minions, and the only reason I can think of for this gap is to reset that timer.

Other observations on BL3’s FFYL, or pointing out that I’m wrong about those 3 points so far?

Second one might be a bug.
Played a lot, and I mean, A LOT of Slaughter and Proving grounds with friends, some of them were “good” in game some “not so good” but we still had fun (well not everyone, one of my friends was cursing like Satan himself everytime he died but it was hilarious to listen :upside_down_face:)

After 2nd or 3rd FFYL the timer runned so fast that even standing next to downed friend, I didn’t had “enough” time to catch them and revive.

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