FFYL damage problem

Anyone else noticing that your damage in FFYL is absolute garbage. No problem killing things normally but when down I might as well be tickling the enemies.

switch to a powerful weapon with the anoint “while under 50% life deal extra radiation damage” this anoint works in ffyl and does excellent damage. Example: facepuncher with this anoint and groundbreaker perk on you are guaranteed to get up :rofl:

It does sometimes feel like some buffs are lost in FFYL, but I don’t know how true that is.

High burst damage weapons with urad are great in ffyl. Also if you have dlc1 you can get the double downer that boosts ffyl damage and time.

It’s just insane the difference as I use the hellwalker standing… Destroys so much health… On the ground hitting flesh and i may as well be tickling the enemy… Pretty massive difference

I’m tweaking gear on my gamma build. I am finding its very gear dependent synergies and if a web doesn’t have the 50/150 i dont use it. If you’re doing gamma build there are great videos on how the build works as well as key items you need.

I am finding im just destroying stuff with a facepuncher with the 50% hp/150% rad on it. Honestly I’m starting to have fun after getting some of the right stuff because I was struggling in mayham 5 when I hit 65. Now I just blow stuff up on myaham 10 without even thinking about it.

If you are zane yes if you are fl4k no

If you are talking from zane perspective i can explain why

Certain effects get cancelled in FFYL. For instance, to my knowledge you lose all active kill skills if you get downed (which makes Old-U on Zane a somewhat essential survival tool).