Ffyl downed time -?

Can someone explain what this is ? It can’t be “how long ffyl lasts until you die” since that’s ffyl duration. I assume. Or not? I’m confused.

My understanding of FFYL all comes down to common sense. If anything says it increases FFYL I take that as increasing the time I have to get a second wind. I also know that you can bleed out regardless of any buff you have if you go down several times in a row. I don’t know the exact numbers here I’m just spitting out words based solely on my gameplay.

Everytime you go down you have a shorter time to get second wind. Eventually you just bleed out. If you wait long enough the second wind timer resets. Not sure how long it takes.

Ok, so … my artifact with “+x& ffyl downed time” means …if I go down a second (and third, etc.) time before the timer has reset, each of those downed times is a little bit longer…? Whereas my artifact with “+x% ffyl duration” applies to the first time? Seems a little unnecessary…

I would think they both add extra time. Not sure why its differant wording. Down is down, they should fix the description.

If you find they work differantly i would like to know. I dont think so, i think they work the same.

I don’t have the patience to do the timing or the math. I agree, they should find a better description for whatever it is they’re trying to tell us. Maybe someone else out there knows and they’ll enlighten us.