FFYL duration on FL4K

Wondering if this is a Fl4K thing. Was watching a stream of Killer 6 using moze. Chadly and others using FL4K and their FFYL duration had to be 10 seconds or more. His dying rate on screen was sooooo slow. My character I(Im using Daquan’s sniper build without using a sniper rifle) dying in a heartbeat, I may have 3-4 seconds. Do I need to redo my spec? Also, in the past trying other builds, seemed kinda the same. I not really a build guy, I just leave it a run with whatever guns I like. Currently I’m running, hellshoclk (swapping out with a yellowcake), kaoson, opq and a lob.

I’m basically clueless on builds, but I would like a longer fight time. I believe I’m around 65 or so on my guardian rank and character is at 57.
TIA !!!

it might be because they have 100 points in the survivor tree in guardian rank which refills your bar as you do damage in FFYL. i cant think of another reason why the duration would be that high.