FFYL Duration vrs FFYL Downed time I am STILL confused (with moxxi examples)

As the title says… I am still confused.
can someone explain to me like I am five what’s “better”.
As shown in picture I just got the Moxxi artifact and noticed the difference in names.
So is the Duration the “slowness” of the FFYL goes down or would that be “downed time”

I mean I am using the Double Down shield so my FFYL is pretty long but … hey I want it longer !
Yes the second or third time I get downed it goes quicker but not sure which one will help better in these two examples:

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I always assumed that FFYL Duration was the total time you could be in the FFYL status.

I was gonna make a post about this too. I just made a massive spreadsheet of all the items I’ve collected (across like 12 pack mules), with full details of stats for everything and I noticed some artifacts say “FFYL downed time” and others said “FFYL duration”. I assumed it was a bug, because if you look at this artifact spreadsheet it says that there are two options when selecting the bonus stats. I just assumed that one was the “primary” stat (ie. first one) and one was a secondary stat (ie. second or third one) but since they were pulled from 2 different sources they just had different text (ie. a bug).

Should maybe post this in the bug forum then? Unless there is actually a difference. I don’t think there is because both have the same value at the same level (ie. 50% FFYL downed time/duration at level 57).

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Yeah it just is wonky to me. not sure if they mean “downed” as in the time is 50% longer in each downed time ( I know second or third times are shorter so 50% longer is great)
and in “duration” they mean 50% longer in duration of each in general - but again it sounds the same to me

Both are the same.


it sounds the same it’s just wonky wording, like they were doing it one way then another person wrote it differently and it wasn’t corrected.


… on a side note, that’s a pretty good artifact huh? :slight_smile:

FFYL Duration is the total time you have before death when you are downed.
FFYL Downed time is the time it took you to catch a second win.
Not sure of the exact math but the game subtracts some of your ‘downed time’ from your ‘duration’ every time you are downed causing your second wind chances to diminish accordingly.

My take is along the lines of what @tuck7216 had said:

FFYL Duration is the total amount of time you have to get a second wind, towards each instance of FFYL.

FFYL Downed Time is the amount of time you were down during FFYL.

So… Each time you enter FFYL there is a specific amount of time you have before you can get a Second Wind or respawn. As many of have assumed or experienced, +50% FFYL Duration simply provides an additional 50% of whatever amount of time you were going to be given.
+50% FFYL Downed Time will add a variable amount of time to each instance of FFYL, based on the previous time you entered FFYL and got a Second Wind.

(10sec. FFYL Duration on 1st down)

+50% FFYL Duration will now provide you with a 15-second timer to get a Second Wind.

+50% FFYL Downed Time will still only provide a 10-second timer to get a Second Wind during this first time.

Now, the second time you would enter FFYL will obviously be shorter (with this effect compacting each time you enter FFYL) unless the timer to receive full FFYL, again, resets.

So let’s say the next time you entered FFYL, after being downed for 8 seconds the first time, is now 7 seconds (imagine this is already instanced in the game after receiving your Second Wind):

+50% FFYL Duration will now provide you with a 10.5-second timer to gain a Second Wind.
+50% FFYL Downed Time will now give your character an 11-second timer.

(If a third time in an assumed 4-second timer after being downed for 8 seconds during the previous instance, +50% FFYL Dur. will yield a 6-second total, and +50% FFYL DT will give an 8-second total)


  • not tested in-depth during gameplay.
  • typed this on my phone, I apologize for any possible typos/errors
  • FFYL is wonky AF and extremely variable, especially in BL3 (eventually, your Badass Tokens can help you to unlock a perk allowing to gain FFYL time during FFYL.
  • regarding the above, I’m unsure if the next FFYL instance, after gaining a Second Wind, is a fixed number, or if the player would actually be given the additional Downed Time based on this perk and/or any other action skill, ability, or stat bonuses.

+50% FFYL Duration does what we all know it does
+50% FFYL Downed Time gives half the time that you were previously downed into the next FFYL. (There would be no additional bonuses upon initially loading the game, unless it saves the previous time you entered FFYL… not too sure about that… or any of this tbh)

Honestly, the point is to not die lol So let’s all just do outlr best to not enter FFYL :sweat_smile:

:crown::tada: HAPPY LOOTING :tada::crown:


The simplest answer is that the different slots on artifacts use different parts. Let’s call the first slot A and the second and third slot B. Slot A gives the purple artifacts their name. Greasy being SMG damage. What probably happened is that who ever wrote the description tag for Slot A Ffyl time didn’t communicate with whoever wrote Slot B Ffyl time’s description.

Slot A Ffyl time would be called Unyielding, btw.

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This is quite interesting, as (given how terrible Gearbox are at giving us any actual numbers for things), I’ve often wondered how the game calculates how much time each instance of FFYL should get (how long for the 2nd vs the 3rd vs the 4th), and how long it takes to reset back to full FFYL time.
Seems like none of this is consistent, from my experience, so it’s really hard to get a grip on how it works.
If the game is also taking into account how long you were downed each time, and using that to calculate your next FFYL duration (the longer you’re down the first time, the less time you get the second, etc), that would help to explain some of it.
Still no idea on exactly how to reset the timer, other than that dying works. Think you have to stand around for a while (10+mins) to reset it.