FFYL pandora slaughter shaft

Give me 10x annointed over cryo rocket launchers…

They spam the rockets so fast I can’t see anything.

It’s even funnier in fight for your life. You just end up shooting blind.

I want their rocket launcher!!!

That place is the single dumbest zone in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I can beat it easy enough, it’s just a cheezy conglomerate of cheap shots and trolling of players.

Mass AoE and shotfun fire to double-tap players so the health gate does bubkis then filling of screens with sparkles or stuff walking straight into you to stop you having LoS to the stuff that’s almost dead. One of the optional quest objectives is “barrel kills” and I’ve had the first round of enemies destroy every barrel in the place in nothing flat because enemy AoE is doubled by Mayhem, the Badasses are all spamming inaccurate rocket fire and there’s an Anointed spamming an AoE attack.

The game overall is fun in spite of it’s flaws but that place… It’s got issues on every front imaginable. You can clearly see the worst parts of BL3 all thrown into one place just to try and provide some semblance of difficulty through being totally unfair.

And it still gets pwned by an OP grenade. Cheeze being cheezed by cheeze.

It’s the one part of the game I can’t appreciate on any level what so ever. It’s a real headscratcher, that’s for sure.


christmas in july in that map with thos zealots with rocket launcher, and not in a good way

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