FFYL Timer formula

Does anyone know how the FFYL timer works with repeated cripplings?

The initial FFYL goes on for 10 or 12 seconds and each subsequent event gives you less and less time. I’m curious if this is on a specific formula and how much “cool down” there is.

For example : first event sets a timer for 2 minutes. If another event occurs, one gets 25% less time. Repeat. If one survives beyond the 2 minutes, FFYL is reset.

Or it’s dependent on how soon after the previous event.

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The counter is supposed to reset after you’ve avoided going into FFYL for some set period of time. Unfortunately, sometimes it bugs out and sets your FFYL time to pretty much zero instead.


As a follow up, I seem to recall someone doing a study on the FFYL timer a while back. A bit of prodding google with a pointed stick might pull up the relevant thread.

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I…shudder…survived the internet. That’s the reason I posted here instead of googling first. What I’ve learned so far as I’ve had the tolerance to dig up, is that everyone agrees that it’s weird and ‘glitchy’ ( although I’m not sure about the latter ).

I don’t have the stones to survive another foray and it’s enough to know that it’s simply enigmatic code.

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Best thing I found from an old Reddit thread:

Every time that you Second Wind, your FFYL time becomes briefer. This descending sequence resets if you die, move to a different map, or else let 30 seconds elapse without falling back into FFYL (except sometimes, charmingly, it doesn’t). The sequence goes 13, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1-and-a-fraction. Kinda sorta reverse Fibonacci.
More accurate information would be welcome. I read that on a truckstop bathroom wall somewhere.

Thread here

Under that is reply suggesting: 20-20-13-7-1 from a Bahroo video.

All I know is it’s a pain in the backside!


Well that’s awesome. Thanks for that. The contents of the thread were amusing and Bahroo’s vid seems to be tested and more than plausible.

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There are some situations such as Hyperius raid boss fight where the FFYL timer’s rules are thrown out the window. At least in single player you can go down as many times as you want but it does not have diminishing returns.



Suggestion for FFYL in the future. I would love to see an indicator on screen at all times that calculates and shows your FFYL state. It doesn’t have to show numbers on it. It could look more like the marine face in doom (from the 90s). Some icon or graphic showing how bad your next FFYL will be. And then you could see it improve over time if you haven’t gone into FFYL. Or if you see it stuck at a certain position for too long, you can definitely report FFYL problems back to Gearbox. Especially if you say “xbox, record that” or you’ve been streaming.

Speaking of showing hidden information. (sorry for the tangent) In Battleborn we need to see indicators of stacks from legendary gear, or anything else that stacks. I have some legendary item that gives me more attack damage every time I melee something. But it’s really hard to determine if it’s actually working.