Fibber build with anarchy

Anyone have a good gaige anarchy build that uses fibber? Currently running 1 fire and 1 corrosive redundant fibber with the ricochet barrel along with grog for healing and norfleet for 2nd winds and sherrif a badge yet I seem to be dying too much =/(op8) any help appreciated with build and setup.

If none of the Fibbers are shock, any Anarchy build should be fine?

If you have a shock one, I’d throw just enough points in the Anarchy tree to get Discord (at least 11), and throw the rest into the Little Big Trouble and Best Friends Forever tree however you see fit.

How are you dying? For example:

  • Playing overly aggressively (not taking cover, not dodging fire, etc.)
  • Downing yourself with the Norfleet
  • Over-maiming yourself with Blood Soaked Shields
  • Eating random environmental damage (barrels from Shock and AAAAGGGHHH)
This is my current build for my level 72 Gaige using a shock Redundant Fibber and L. Catalyst com. I don’t really use any other weapon even though all the others I have equipped are shock (Hail and Butcher) with the exception of the Slagga. Shield is a Bee, relic is a shock BotA and the grenade either MM, Chain Lightning or Homing Storm front. My OP8 Gaige runs a more DT centered build but still uses a non-elemental Redundant Fibber as her main weapon backed up by DPUH, Casual Swordsplosion and GN. Her shield is an Inflammable FotF, class mod is L. Anarchist, relic is a Sheriff’s Badge with MM as the grenade:

I do have a win win shock fibber and a non element fibber as well. I seem to just be dying in 1-2 hits or so. She was usually my shamfleet er for lvling up friends but I wanted to try new weapons on her that weren’t just a faceroll. That first build you posted is pretty much what I use. Is LBT gaig any good cause one of my friends says they are still viable but underperformed compared to other builds.

This is my build,

With such a DT focused build try this variation of my OP8 build:
Part of your difficulty might be in that you got so used to using an OP tactic for Gaige that it’s taking you some time to play her in a more deliberate way- just slow it down a bit and asses the situation first before running in with guns blazing- that’s usually Salvador’s style…:slight_smile:

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This is my current build for my OP8 Gaige:

I run a similar setup except I use a set of Avenger SMGs (shock, fire, and corrosive), a Grog Nozzle for Slag, either a Longbow Storm Front or MM, a Legendary Mechromancer mod (or purple Superior Prodigy), a Bee shield, and a BotA relic. With my build, depending on weapon setup, I easily adapt to multiple roles in a group or solo. DT and Gaige work more like a team, but can easily be adjusted to favor either. I have found that element matching on top of Anarchy’s power boost to work very well for me And having DT as a support for when things get hairy or to just easily wipe out a mob is always good.