Field of View too narrow

Does anyone else feel like the field of view is too narrow? The game feels very boxed in, like there are blinders on the character as far as left and right visibility goes. It doesn’t take much for something to move into your blind spot and start wailing away on you (or vice versa). A little more peripheral visibility or at having a slider in the options for people who like the narrowness would be awesome.

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This was an issue in beta too, I was hoping they would be put in a FOV slider or something. I’m sure they are addressing it, there is just bigger fish to fry right now

FOV and Model scaler please, some weapons are just too big in first person.

You can somewhat adjust FoV in the option but it barely increases anything.

TBH, this is a good thing. If you can’t use the front view, use the minimap. It adds a portion of skill floor to the game because some people just focus so much on what’s in front of them and with the limited vision, you can sneak and flank them easily. It shows who’s good and who’s not just from the way they react. The faster reaction watch their minimap whenever it is needed.

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