Fight for Sanctuary leveling issue

I am currently level 55 in true Vault Hunter mode and I have beat the fight for Sanctuary DLC but for some reason the cap for Loot and enemies in the DLC is 44 instead of 50, the only enemy in the DLC that is 50 or higher is Haderax, can someone please explain if this is normal or if I’m caught up in a bug

What level did you start the dlc? All I can think of is that it may be similar to the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day Headhunter dlc (aka the Loot Train). If you do that dlc in TVHM the enemies and loot stay at the level you started it, so if you go back when you’re level 50 after doing the loot train at level 44, everything will still be level 44 (as far as the loot goes).

I’m guessing there is no way to reset the dlc, right?

Just checking the obvious, but your level 55 character did complete the main story final quest in TVHM, right?

I’m currently working my way through the DLC in TVHM with a character who started at level 50, and the first two or three maps are all that level. I ran a boosted character through from level 30 in NVHM, and the maps did scale up there. As @Carlton_Slayer said, it may be that the map scaling is bugged in TVHM.

Unfortunately not.

Yeah I beat it all the way through, it really sucks because I really wanted the farm Cassius, and also get a level 50 toothpick and Peak opener but I guess I will have to do that on Ultimate

Unless you have a second character who’s completed TVHM and at level 50+ but hasn’t gone to the starting location for the DLC yet?

I dont sadly