Fight For Sanctuary - New Pandoran Inferno (pyro)

Hi all, I really need your help please.

I have all of my challenges completed bar 1 - Tanks But No Tanks - kill inferno by exploding their tanks.

I am in UVHM (hence inferno and not pyro), I must have killed like over 300 of them in the Mt Scarab area to try and get even just 1 kill with the tank exploding. I have tried plain weapons, elemental, e-tech, mellee, diiferent kind of weapons like sniper, pistol etc (I’m in Zero with Deception) and who knows what else. I did not try and kiss them or to crawl under them as yet… many hours later and I still cannot get them to die from an exploding tank.

Killing them is easy, I can drain their shields, and take their health away BY ONLY shooting at the tanks, I even saw one or two explode (looked like an explosion) but it did not count towards the challenge. this is the last challenge left for me to get my achievement for doing level 1 of all with one character.

Any help appreciated around how to kill these M…, thanks!

Drop to tvhm and one-shot them on the tank.

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Thanks for your reply - will this allow me to go back to UVHM again without affecting my current UVHM stats?

It shouldn’t affect challenge stats. I think k6 did a video about challenges and difficulty.

Thank you, I appreciate. Will try this. I am so near to switching to another hunter, just need this to complete then I can drop Zero.

Map specific challenges and from DLC aren’t necessary for trophy/achievement. Are you sure you have the rest at lvl 2?

I am on level 80, I have 68 achievements from 75. I am sure this forms part of it as I have done almost all challenges to level 5 and most on level 4 - albeit not all on UVHM, when I switched fro TVHM my stats were still there. This is the only one that I do not have a level for as yet (level1, only other level 1 I have is Jennkins, not on level 2 yet) and I am still to receive my achievement trophy, so yes I think it forms part of it.

Some challenges will unlock by completing lvl5 in others. Do you have any undiscovered on the list (check shotgun and Rocket launcher section)?

Nope, all of them has been discovered, i did check. I know what you are referring to - shotgun need to get level 5 before snipe becomes available for it etc, all done.

Then it’s another ■■■■■■ thing by GBX, hiding Platinum trophy/100% completion behind paid DLC.

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I think you are soooo right, I am very near to 100%, I have 1 DLC outstanding which they want me to pay for, no way as I am very close to getting BL3.

Quite dissapointing as I spent so much time on this game to get it to 100%. The only other few achievements outstanding is to be done with Gunzerker and another 1 then I am done. I do however not want to change character now before this achievement is done. My profile for BL2 -

Thanks anyhows, much appreciated.

I’ve had problems with this also. I am a lvl 80 Gunzerker playing in TVHM. I have tried head shots & tank shots. I have also tried all PhysX settings but I can’t get the tanks to explode. I can get Powder Monkeys to explode by hitting the barrel on their back which I thought would be a similar enemy.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?