Fight for sanctuary xbox one help!

I have been trying everything I know and still can not get this dlc to show up on the fast travel station. Any help?
How do I open a support ticket with gearbox?

Moved you to the right spot.

Are you playing the Handsome Collection or backwards compatible version of the game?

Backwards compatible version.

OK. I know the new DLC works fine in Handsome Collection, but I have not yet seen anyone who had it working with the backwards compatible version. You can file a support ticket here; please clearly state that you are trying to get the game working with the backwards compatible version of the game.

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Yep same problem, I’ve lodged a support ticket too.

Isnt it only available in the Handsome Collection?

It is only available in The Handsome Collection. The previous versions of the game did not get this because the last generation consoles were at their maximum memory already with all the DLC up to the last Headhunter pack.

This kind of information is something I would expect a moderator on Gearbox’s own forums to know.