Fight for your life and dying

Just like the title says. Are they the same? Does going into FFL mode the same as dying?

No. FFYL is a period within which you can avoid dying, either by be revived by a friend or friendly NPC, or by killing an enemy (thereby gaining a ‘second wind’). Dying is what leads to the big swirly respawn tunnel.

Related: when you do die and respawn, you get some of your ammo restocked. Enemies that were damaged before you died will be back to full health, but enemies you had killed stay dead.


Going into FFYL means your health bar has dropped to zero and you have a new, timed, survival bar. If that bar goes to zero your character is dead.

There are some among us who believe going into FFYL is the same as dying, since you have exhausted your health bar. Borderlands is simply giving you a way to revive, but you are dead.
I don’t think so, while I hate to go into FFYL I’m not a it’s death extremist. Fundamentally, since the game offers FFYL as a mechanic, it is within the BL universe “rules” to use it. Had they not created the FFYL process I’m sure there would have been another adjustment in the world rules that gave the player a slight chance of survival.


So going into FFl mode won’t mess up the flawless victory challenge?

Dying =/= dead. FFYL is like critical condition, foot in the grave, if left unattended you WILL die. You’re “falling”, you just haven’t “splatted” yet. The time you might pray or say your last words, if you didn’t have a gun.

Idk how many people have personally seen someone go from being alive to being dead irl, but it’s generally not like flipping a switch, unless you get your head blown off or something. Even once they’re past that “soul purged, lights out” state, there can still be twitching, blinking, and/or noises that sound like speech.

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Thanks but this still doesn’t answer my question! Will going into FFl mode mess up the flawless victory challenge in revenge of the cartels? My guess is yes, but trying to confirm.

It shouldn’t affect your ability to complete the challenge, as long as you get a second wind and don’t have to respawn at a New-U station.

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As long as you can second wind, no.

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Then I think it’s bugged, if you guys are doing it going into FFl mode. I just did it and went to FFl once and it didn’t register.

To be clear, your original question did not mention the Cartel event at all, so we answered based on common usage.
If you want a specific answer, be sure your question is also specific.


mission starts after you talk to maurice, so it includes collecting those coordinates, maybe.

don’t worry about this challenge, you will get it if you are going to complete all the other challenges.

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Absolutely not. FFYL is a game mechanic used to get you back in the fight. Dying is dying. If you want to maximize your gameplay and gear, you use everything the game gives you to your advantage. FFYL is a tool. Use it and use it well. You could not do a Deathless Urad build without FFYL.