Fight For Your Life mysteries

So it says on the Borderlands wiki (about Borderlands 1 rather than 2) that though you are invulnerable when in fight for your life, you ‘can’ bleed out faster if taking damage. Does anyone reckon this is true? If so, how much faster?

Also any concepts of how long it takes for FFYL time to reset, ie give you full time again? I’m not sure I have an objective grasp of it (seeing as whenever I get crippled I’m usually too emotionally involved in frantic clicking…)

I’m no expert in the matter to any extent. But to my knowledge this is only true in the BL1 Zombie DLC and if you are run over by a vehicle in both games.

It is suppose to be 20 seconds after your last FFYL. But it glitches often, and somethings can reset it before the 20 seconds is up.

If I’m wrong anyone correct me, this is just things I’ve heard by “word of mouth”.

My understanding from watching a Youtube vid about FFL is that it resets completely after about two minutes but again I could be wrong…

He gets some other things wrong but this video is where I got 20 seconds from.

@hattieinduni Not sure about those, but while you’re asking about FFYL, the guy reviving you:

  • halts your bleedout.
  • can use you as cover [=bullet sponge] since you’re invincible during revival, provided you absorb all (or at least most) of what gets flung in your direction.