Fighter/Corvette issues, GOG version

Ok, so both heavy and light corvettes do not move when fighting, they get into range and then just sit there until whatever they are are shooting at is dead, or moves out of range in which case the corvettes move very slowly to try and get in range this can result in them attempt to chase fighters but never actually do anything. The same thing happens to the Turanic Corvettes on mission 2 they just sit there and trade fire with my own corvettes, or move a tiny bit and repeat to try and stay in range of fighters… This makes Mission 3 impossible as interceptors are unable to kill the 7 assault frigates before they blow up the stasis pods, and corvettes sit there and get 2-3 shot by the frigates.

As for fighters, they seem to miss 99% of shots, 21 interceptors can take upwards of 5 min to kill one Turanic fighter since they not only miss pretty much every shot, they move to do a strafing run, but don’t actually shoot half the time before peeling off to take another run. This also applies to Corvettes, they can be in range of a target and will just sit there without shooting sometimes.