Fighter Squads and Formations

First of all, let’s pretend Formations have been fixed.

What if. . . when you make a formation with Homeworld 2 squadrons, they break the squadron up and become single ships to make a formation. So when they are put into formations, you have a formation of fighters instead of a formation of squadrons of fighters.

And what if when you disband that formation, they go back into their normal squadrons? This would make Homeworld 2 strikecraft fight a little like Homeworld 1, and formations would do what they’re supposed to do.

And my third idea, which is a question, is. . . if those things were implemented, would it be possible to still retain the current system where multiple squadrons just stick together in formation? Could that, somehow, be made an option in the game via hot keys or something?

First off, yes HW2 definitely needs to benefit from the improved formations and tactics that HW1 had, except possibly in HW2 Deathmatch mode.

I believe the way it should work is that that the squadrons should stay squadrons, but that they should arrange themselves as if in formation except with slightly less of a gap between each ship in a squad, but a greater gap between each squad.

For example, if you have 3 hiig interceptor squadrons in a claw formation, there would only be 3 arms to the “claw”. Unlike in HW1 if you had 15 ships in a claw, then you’d have 4 arms with just 1 ship short on one of them.

This retains HW2 squadron behavior, while still giving them better behavior, and maintains some difference between them. Makes more sense to me, as well.

I proposed that idea before but just the otherway around, making individual HW1 ships into squadrons temporarily when you click your formation icon and I think it can be done right now via scripting, but I’m not good enough at scripting yet, would be interesting if someone with more experience at that could show up and post his opinion, but I think that your third idea should work only for HW2 style strikegroups, while the buttons for HW1 formations would merge the ships into a squadron.

No. Just no. That would end up with just making hw1 races to be like hw2. I have not paid for homeworld 2 remastered with homeworld 1 ships as a bonus…

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I have no issue if HW2 ships can take the ships in the squad and change to a separate formation, limited to the ships in the squadron. I do not think they should be able to combined several squadrons into a single formation. The purpose here is to keep the races separated as much as possible to their respective differences, not make them the same.

I suspect the swarm will become a much deadlier animal if the formations and tactics work for the HW1 races as it was as it did in the original, IF it is possible in HW:RM without changing any of the ship weapons settings or values.

I see the biggest problem to balance as the lack of understanding of how the HW1 meta-game actually played. Too many people here have only played HW2 or very little HW1 multiplayer circa 1999-2003. If you do not really understand the concepts being mentioned by HW1 veterans you have no basis for judging how effective those mentioned specifics really affect the game play nor how their inclusion here will pan out before any balance changes are made.


I think I should have explained better, so I edited my post above.

Ex. you select your HW1 individual fighters, and press the formation button, then they become a single HW2 style squadron, but with the same amount of units that you had before and using the formation that you selected, that means that they will keep that formation when attacking and maneuvering, but then if you select leave, or dock they will break of the squadron again into individual ships, this will make the formations behave exactly like in HW1

The OP idea is exactly the other way around.

I wasn’t replying specifically to you but let me do so now.

I don’t like the idea, why you may ask?

The reason is that I fear it may leave hw2 style behavior on the ships as the tactics change. I think it would be best (if it is even possible) to keep both games races as separate from the other games behavior as possible. If you start mixing the behavior unexpected things are going to occur.

I thought that I had pressed the button to reply to dragon, but anyway.

And this was exactly what I said in other words, explaining how it could be done, I never said about mixing behaviors, and also said nothing about applying this to HW2 ships, because HW2 ships are built in squadrons and not in individual ships as I mentioned.

People have been asking for the HW1 style formations work, and this seems to be the only way possible without changing the source code.

I’d hope the source code would get changed if the intent really is to have HW1 and HW2 be their own unique races, otherwise it isn’t a HW:remastered, it’s a HW2:remastered NOW With HW1 SHIPS!

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I am in favor of the idea of Homeworld 1 ships acting like Homeworld 1 ships.

I am in favor of Homeworld 2 ships acting like Homeworld 1 ships when in a formation.