Fighting Games anybody?

Here is a topic to talk about fighting games and the fighting game community.

I just recently made a slight change to whom I was maining in Street Fighter IV, I’m going to go from Juri to Ibuki in Street Fighter IV. Other than that Killer Instinct is on my playlist right now as well as Guilty Gear Xrd Sign being on my want list.


I really want GG Xrd but I don’t own either of the consoles for it ;-;

Though Smash is the only fighting game I’m actively playing.
I don’t really have a set main but I mainly play, GnW, Lucina, Duck Hunt Duo and Pacman on the occasion.
I get bored just playing the one char all the time.

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I’ve only heard great things about Xrd Sign minus the soundtrack being less than perfect. But we’ve been spoiled by XX’s soundtrack for ages now. Despite me being a huge fan of Guilty Gear, I don’t want to buy it twice you know. And about Smash, all I play is Samus. I try to play the entire cast so I can learn matchups and I can pick random and not completely suck there a few characters where I can’t play to save my life or some characters that just aren’t me.

And now Samus gif.

I don’t know how to Samus whatsoever.
I should probably learn along with Zero Suit.

I would say Samus is a pretty standard charge character because after you do something, you charge the blast. I don’t know how to teach people how to play because I don’t play Smash competitively. There is no reason to play it pro. It is all for fun. With Zero Suit, it’s all about speed and kicks. Zero Suit kind of reminds me of Cammy from Street Fighter.

All this newfangled talk of Street Fighters bigger than III… and Xrds… what’s an Xrd?!? That’s a made-up word!

Back in my day, we had Spirits of Samurai and Kings of Fighters, Marvel was still fighting Capcom, and there weren’t any magical girls mucking up our Tekkens. We would walk 2 miles through the snow to get to the arcade, wait 15 minutes for our turn just to die in one combo, then retreat back home, all in our shame. And that was just fine by us. If you wanted to stick around in the arcade, you had to toughen up.

All sarcasm aside, though, if Xrd ever comes out for PC, I’m there. Might even get impatient and settle for a used PS3. Until then, though, I’m happy hanging back in the past with my Mark of the Wolves and Rival Schools.

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Ordered a Wii U on 1/1 just so I could play smash brothers… Will hopefully arrive soon.
This is for me the only good fighting game right now.

But I would love to see a good version of Tekken or Soul Calibur for Ps4. The xbox unfortunately has a useless D-pad for theese types of fighting games.

Another game I’d love to see a remake of is Killer Instinct. I remember I loved that back in the day. And the black cartridge looked badass.

Edit: They apparently made an xbone remake of KI. I had no idea… The one I was talking about was the SNES version.

I don’t think Guilty Gear Xrd will break the PS exclusivity for now. It may be a few years and a few revisions of the game before it comes to PC much like with Midnight Carnival and Isuka did to Steam. Despite the sarcasm, I did play the old school arcade games, I remember Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, SNK vs Capcom, Samurai Showdown, Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men vs Street Fighter played it all mostly. Good times, good times.

Alot more fans of Smash than I anticipated. I was about to reply to this, they remade Killer Instinct in 2013 for the XBOne, originally handled by Double Helix, when they got bought by Amazon, Microsoft appointed Iron Galaxy to do the job and so far, they’ve been doing an okay job in my opinion. Mick Gordon has been lying down an incredible soundtrack, one which you can buy on iTunes or Amazon Music, I’m not if there is a physical copy of it yet. I do play with a controller and I know what you mean and the last great Soul Calibur was III. I liked Tira’s redesign in IV but it was just sloppy with it’s guest characters. I did not like the Star Wars characters in it. Tekken is coming out with a Tekken 7 if you follow it on Youtube. I personally gave up on Soul Calibur and Tekken, despite winning a tournament for Soul Calibur. I think if they come back full force, they need to gut their systems and change a lot of stuff.

Oh well, time will tell if these series can adapt.

Yeah, I haven’t played Tekken or Soul Calibur since the Ps2.

Soul calibur 2 was just awesome, and I think I played Tekken up untill Tekken tag.
My Soul Calibur favourite was probably Astaroth, Voldo, and Ivy (also that pirate guy that I can’t remember the name of).
In Tekken I played everything, but King was probably my go to guy for tough fights.

Have been waiting ever since for a fighting game to measure up to the Ps2 era standards.

Edit: Deleted the first post because it didn’t show up as a reply to the previous comment. But now after it got deleted it does show up as a reply… weird.

Meanwhile, Xrd still hasn’t launched in Europe.

Smash Bros is great, having a blast getting my ass kicked by my son when we play. Waiting for the wife to go with her girlfriends on a weekend trip in a few weeks so we can eat pizza in the family room and play smash bros till late at night.


Says EU: TBA 2015. Be a bit more patient Oz.

That’s the ■■■■■■■ best. Pizza party, beer/soda, setting up a fighting on the big screen and just playing it until the sun comes up.

Counting the days, she goes away in two weeks…


I know. Patience is key.

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I hate the design. I think it’s lazy.

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You may not know the answer but if I bought a controler for the 360 version will it work on the xbox one if it’s plugged in?

The fighting stick

I’m not sure. I think you have to buy an updated one. I don’t own a fight stick but I know they are very finicky.