Fighting terramorphous on op8

So as the title says I’m trying to fight terramorphous on op 8 as a mechromancer. However, I keep getting killed and I’m just not sure how to go about the fight. Any suggestions? Or help?

Lots of Anarchy stacks…Probably Slayer of Terra COM for the 600. Slag grenade mod, maybe a transfusion. Fire Bone, fire weapon(CC maybe?), and a shield that doesn’t suck. I dunno, I’ve never tried it but this is where I would start if I did…

He’s pretty much bang on, might I suggest…

A slag bouncing betty,
A fire critical interfacer, and aim for the eyes!
Rabid Hail (Fire)
I’m not sure about the shield myself, but the bouncing betty will keep him slagged while the interfacer does your primary damage. I’d also suggest a fire Hail, preferably with the rabid prefix. The Slayer com will bring you up to 600 stacks and increase your damage potential. The Hail is your moxxi weapon healing of choice for it’s fire damage. (kinda like a twofer in the sense it will heal you while causing damage.)
Check out PokaPoka and any threads he has here…I know I saw a video of him murdering Tera with this gear and even used his builds myself. And Good Luck!