Figure you guys and gals know

Do Shield Depleted gear items work on Eldrid when they have no shield at all?

i can say yes for kelvin but thats all i know

They do not. You have to have a shield for it to be depleted. Now, Kelvin is an interesting anomaly. As, he can give himself shields by using skills often enough (6s cool down for chomp I think). He also has an interesting synergy with kleese. As kleese can charge the shield rather substantially.

Kelvin can also charge himself with a full shield (his shield cap is 300) with shield recharge gear. I think it should exceed at least 36 shield per second to recharge it.

You can use them in conjunction with gear that add shields, but otherwise it’s kinda pointless. I’m not too sure about Kelvin because his shields are constantly depleting once he gains them even if he’s not being hit…

It works for sure on Thorn, I’m using one of those that looks like a battery and it gives her a shield, she’s practically invincible.

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It does work for kelvin i can guarantee tested it many times. He has a shield but its always at a base of zero. it actively charges when you proc his passive talent Permafrost using any of his skills

This is not accurate. I use shield depleted gear on Boldur and you get the added effect.

I use a breast plate that adds 256hp and an additional 199 when shields are depleted. I get the full effect.

Nice, good to know since it was my healing kit that has no shields extra healing gained to self.