Figured out how to get 2-shot Flakker

Investing heavily into BM for Iron Bank, Matched Set (with 2 other Torgue weapons equipped) and a 40% magazine size artifact, gives me 2 rounds in the magazine. With Forge and MoD you can basically keep a couple rounds in there at all times, though occasionally it seems to bug out and nothing procs and Forge stops working altogether. Still does massive damage with a Blast Master COM (and hurts you a lot with even a 5% bullet reflect… ugh). You’re extremely squishy, though, so you definitely need to keep spamming grenades in between shots for heals. Very much a risk vs reward playstyle.

Funny side note, the huge extra ammo capacity bugged out my Laser-Sploder. Normally it has around a 21 magazine size, but the display got stuck at 13 rounds for some reason, but would never drop below 12 when I was firing.

For your laser-sploder, it’s quite likely that you picked up some ammo and were at max rifle ammo, preventing regenning up to your full magazine capacity. Happens from time to time with launchers and MoD.