Figures of Fandom

I had ordered FL4K way back a bit after CC ended and it arrived this morning. At the time I got FL4K, they were my main. But I hadn’t made any other Hunter. The Amara one looks so we’ll made. The statue is bigger than I thought. Very detailed.

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I main Zane and Amara is maybe third on my list to try, but if I were to pick one of those statues it would be Amara. She just looks the coolest with the big blue arms around the base.

How big is the statue? I want to have a look into them, I’d kinda like one of each.

FL4K is 13.6” tall (according to one site).
Idk if there are other dimensions listed elsewhere

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they’re so cool but 120 each is madness

Oh that’s decent size, so a subway plus a bit lol.

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