File size Borderlands 3

Just wondering…what’s the total file size of Borderlands 3 and all dlc is estimated to be? For Xbox 1.

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That information is not currently available for any platform. My uninformed guess would be around the size of BL2 plus however many playable DLCs and extra characters might be released? Not small, for sure.

The Playstation Store list it at something like 75GB for the main game. So it will be pretty much the same for the One.

For reference.

Honestly, I want to say that is a placeholder. I mean, Fallout 4 is 28 GB. Far Cry 5 is roughly 50 GB. I won’t deny it’s possible that it will be close to 80 GB after all the DLC, but 75 just seems so large to me… IDK. file size isn’t often a problem for me because I regularly delete things I don’t play.

The Microsoft store now lists it at 39.98GB

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits 75GB with all DLC and patches…