files that were never used in the retail versions of the games of the saga

(ronaldcancino191) #1

Have you ever wondered, if gearbox still has audios, images, maps, characters or other files that were never used in the series brothers in arms and that maybe still have saved in backup copies, hard drives or download sites.
we could make an attempt to ask Randy, and see if we could make modifications to the different games and create content for the previous games
we could ask for a tweet or send an email to the company
while waiting for the new game in the saga

Bia 4 - give it to me for the love of god
(LeYuno) #2

sure they have a bunch of stuff that never made it in the game. There were some easter eggs in BIA HH, like the sheep with helmets which you could use as a squad. There were also other unfinished animals in the game files like a horse but they didn’t have animations and such so were not useable.

(Marcomi X) #3

30 days earlier, gentleman.
They won’t probaby bother to take in consideration the proposal, though.

(ronaldcancino191) #4

what program can be used to view the files or use the same program that already comes by default in the game brothers in arms hells highway

the other someone knows how to install the SDK of the first 2 games but in windows 10